how much does drone photography cost in the uk

How Much Does Drone Photography Cost in UK?

Have you ever wondered how much drone photography costs in the UK?

As a professional drone pilot who runs the UK’s largest drone survey service, I’ve seen firsthand how prices can fluctuate depending on various factors.

On average, you can expect to pay around £300 to £400 for drone photography services, but this is just a rough estimate.

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With over a decade of experience in the industry, I’ve encountered projects ranging from simple aerial shots to complex, large-scale surveys, and the final cost can vary significantly based on the photographer’s expertise, the complexity of the project, outputs and even the location.

Some high-end professionals may charge upwards of £1000, while newer photographers might offer their services for under £200.

Understanding the factors that influence the cost of drone photography is essential if you want to get the best value for your money.

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Average UK Drone Photography Costs in 2024

I’ve researched the latest data on UK drone photography pricing to provide an overview of the average costs you can expect in 2024.

Drone photography costs in the UK typically range from £150 to £600, with the average price being around £300-£400. For a standard drone photography shoot lasting about an hour and delivering 50+ images, you can anticipate paying approximately £350.

The drone photography duration is a key factor impacting the cost.

Basic 30-minute packages with 5 edited photos typically start at £150-£200, while more extensive 2-3 hour shoots for complex projects can reach £600 or more.

Experienced photographers often optimize their flight time to just a few minutes per battery, efficiently capturing multiple shots.

Keep in mind that prices vary based on factors like the photographer’s experience, project scope, location, and any specialized requirements.

In London and southern regions, rates tend to be higher, averaging around £550 compared to £350 in northern areas.

As you plan your drone photography needs for 2024, budget accordingly based on these average costs and the specific demands of your project.

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Factors Affecting Pricing

Several key factors influence the pricing for drone photography services in the UK. The duration and scope of the project play a big role – longer shoots with more complex requirements will cost more.

Photographer Experience and Reputation

One crucial factor that significantly impacts drone photography pricing in the UK is the experience and reputation of the photographer.

When I’m looking to hire a drone operator, I put a lot of weight on their portfolio and track record.

Highly experienced pros with impressive shots under their belt can easily charge £500-£1000 or more per project. That’s because they’ve honed their skills and workflows to deliver stunning results efficiently.

In contrast, newer drone photographers who are still building their reputation may price their services under £200 to attract clients.

However, it’s important to note that the equipment and drone model used also affect pricing.

Seasoned operators often invest in high-end, specialized drones and cameras, which allows them to produce superior quality images but also increases their rates.

Project Duration and Scope

The length of time needed for the drone photography shoot and the project’s complexity are key factors that significantly impact the total cost in the UK.

If a drone photography project’s duration is longer, requiring more flights and time on-site, I’ll need to charge more to account for the additional time and work.

Similarly, the scope of the drone photography project directly influences my rates.

If a client needs a large number of photos or videos, covering a wide area from many angles, it’s going to take me longer and be more involved than a quick, simple shoot with just a few basic shots needed.

I also have to consider any special requests, like 360° panoramas, virtual tours, or high-resolution 4K video, which increase the scope and complexity.

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Types of Drone Projects

In addition to the project duration and scope, I also factor in the specific type of drone photography project when determining my rates in the UK. Different types of shoots have varying levels of complexity that affect both the pricing and duration.

For instance, a basic real estate drone photography package capturing aerial shots of a property typically starts around £200-£400. These shoots usually last about an hour, including setup and a 20-30 minute flight time.

On the other hand, more intricate commercial projects, like creating a promotional video for a business, can range from £800-£1500 or more. The drone photography duration for these is longer, often spanning several hours or even multiple days to capture all the required footage.

I also offer specialized services such as 3D mapping, inspection work, and live event coverage. Drone photography pricing for these bespoke projects depends heavily on the unique requirements, but typically falls in the £2500+ range.

Ultimately, my goal is always to provide a customized drone photography solution that meets the specific creative and budgetary needs of each client.

Equipment and Drone Models

When calculating drone photography rates, I consider the specific equipment and drone models required for the project. The type of drone and camera used can significantly impact the cost.

If a client needs high-resolution images or specialized shots, I may need to use a more advanced drone with a better camera, like a DJI Mavic Enterprise or Mavic Cine series. These higher-end models come with increased operation and maintenance costs, which I factor into my pricing.

On the other hand, if a project has simpler requirements, I can use a more basic drone, such as a DJI Mavic 2 or Zoom, which is less expensive to operate.

It’s crucial to ensure the drone is in proper working condition before each shoot.

If a DJI drone won’t take off or encounters issues like not flying, troubleshoot the problem and fix it promptly to avoid delays.

Common solutions include checking the battery, calibrating the compass, updating the firmware, and ensuring no obstructions block the sensors.

Location and Travel Expenses

Besides the drone equipment, I also factor in the location and any associated travel expenses when determining the cost for a drone photography project.

The shoot location plays a significant role in drone photography costs in the UK. If the project requires me to travel to a remote or distant location, I’ll need to account for transportation costs, such as fuel, tolls, and potentially even lodging if an overnight stay is necessary.

For example, drone photography locations in London and the South tend to be more expensive overall compared to projects in the North, partly due to higher travel costs in those areas.

I typically charge a bit more for projects that involve extensive travel to account for the additional time and expenses incurred.

In some cases, the client may offer to cover certain travel costs directly, which can help reduce the total drone photography location expenses I need to build into my rate.

However, if I’m responsible for all travel arrangements and costs, I make sure to incorporate those anticipated expenses into my pricing to ensure I’m fairly compensated for the entire project scope.

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Editing and Post-Processing

The time I spend editing and post-processing the drone photos and videos after the shoot is another key factor that impacts the total cost of the project.

Drone photography editing can be a time-consuming process, especially if the client needs extensive retouching, color grading, or special effects.

My team typically spend 2-4 hours selecting the best shots, cropping, adjusting exposure and contrast, and perfecting each image.

For drone videos, the editing process is even more involved.

My team carefully choose the best footage, create smooth transitions, and add music, text, or graphics as needed. Depending on the length and complexity, drone photography post-processing for a video can take anywhere from 5-20 hours or more.

I factor in all this editing time when determining my rates, as it’s a crucial part of delivering high-quality, professional results to my clients.

While some drone photographers may offer cheaper rates for just the raw footage, I believe investing time in the post-production process is essential to create stunning aerial visuals that exceed expectations.

My clients appreciate the attention to detail and polish that thorough editing provides.

Licencing and Insurance

Getting properly licenced and insured is a key cost factor for professional drone photography in the UK.

On top of that, drone operators need insurance, which averages £500-£800 per year for £1-5 million in public liability coverage.

These licencing and insurance costs definitely get factored into drone photography pricing.

More experienced drone operators who’ve invested in proper drone pilot qualifications and robust drone insurance will tend to charge higher rates to cover these overheads and the added assurance they provide to clients.

However, it’s important to remember that hiring a fully licensed and insured operator, while potentially more expensive, provides crucial protections and peace of mind.

The last thing you want is an uninsured novice crashing a drone into your property or a person.


Hourly Vs. Package Rates

Many drone photographers in the UK offer both hourly rates and package pricing for their services. When considering drone photography cost, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each pricing model.

With hourly rates, you’ll typically pay between £50-£200 per hour, depending on the photographer’s experience and the complexity of the shoot.

This can be a good option if you have a specific, limited scope in mind and want to keep costs down. However, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you need, as the drone photography duration can quickly add up.

Hourly RatesPackage Rates
£50 – £200 per hour£200 – £600 for a typical package
Specific, limited scope projectsMore extensive projects
Pay for the actual time spent on-siteFixed price based on estimated time required
Typically just the on-site shooting timePre-production planning, shooting time, post-production editing, and a set number of photos/videos
Costs can quickly add up if the shoot takes longer than expectedClear upfront cost for the agreed package
More flexible for adjusting scope during the shootLimited flexibility once the package is agreed upon

Package rates often provide better value, especially for more extensive projects. These packages usually include a set number of photos/videos, editing, and a fixed price based on the estimated time required.

For instance, a basic package with a 30-minute flight time and 5 edited photos might cost around £200, while a more comprehensive package with 1-2 hours of shooting could be £400-£600.

Packages give you a clearer upfront cost and often include pre- and post-production time. Discuss your specific needs with the drone photographer to determine the best pricing model for your project.

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Seasonal Pricing Variations

Drone photography pricing in the UK can fluctuate based on seasonal demand, with peak seasons like summer typically commanding higher rates compared to slower winter months.

I’ve noticed that many drone photographers raise their prices by 10-20% during the busy summer when demand for aerial photos of weddings, festivals, and outdoor events is highest.

For example, a 1-hour drone photography session that normally costs around £300 in the off-season might go up to £350-£400 in July and August.

On the flip side, I’ve seen some operators offer discounts of up to 25% in the winter to attract more business during a traditionally slow period for drone photography in the UK.

The colder, wetter weather makes flying more challenging and limits outdoor event bookings.

So a £1000 commercial project quoted in the summer may potentially drop to £750 if shot in February instead, depending on the drone photographer.

Of course, seasonal pricing fluctuations impact the overall drone photography cost in the UK and are worth factoring in when planning an aerial shoot. Scheduling flexibility can sometimes save you money.

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Discounts and Special Offers

I’ve found that savvy shoppers can often snag discounts of 10-25% on drone photography services in the UK by taking advantage of seasonal promotions and special offers.

Many drone photographers provide reduced rates during slower periods, like winter months, to keep their schedules full. It’s worth inquiring about any current deals when booking.

I also recommend watching for limited-time offers around holidays or special events. Signing up for email newsletters from local drone operators can help you stay informed about upcoming sales.

Some photographers may offer package discounts when you book a longer drone photography session duration or combine aerial photos with ground shots.

Bundling services together, like real estate photography with virtual tours, can lead to savings.

Lastly, I’ve seen group discounts available for larger projects or multiple bookings.

If you need drone photography for several properties or events, negotiating a bulk rate could significantly reduce your overall drone photography cost.

Don’t be afraid to ask about potential discounts – the worst they can say is no, and you might end up with a great deal on stunning aerial imagery.

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Comparing Quotes and Providers

When comparing quotes from different UK drone photography providers, I recommend considering several key factors beyond just the base price.

A thorough drone photography cost comparison should evaluate the experience and reputation of the operator, as this can greatly impact the quality of the final product.

It’s also crucial to understand what’s included in each package, such as the number of photos/videos, editing services, and licensing rights.

Other important drone photography pricing factors to assess are the type of equipment being used, insurance coverage, and any additional services like 3D mapping or thermal imaging.

I suggest requesting detailed quotes that break down all costs and deliverables. Don’t hesitate to ask providers for examples of past work and references.

Keep in mind that the lowest price isn’t always the best value. A more experienced operator with higher-end equipment may cost more upfront but could deliver superior results.

Ultimately, it’s about finding the right balance of cost, quality, and service that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

By carefully comparing quotes and providers, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision for your drone photography project.

Budgeting for Drone Photography

To effectively allocate funds for aerial photography, I recommend creating a detailed drone services budget that aligns with your project’s specific goals and requirements. Start by clearly defining the scope and desired deliverables, as this greatly impacts the drone photography cost and duration.

Consider factors like the number of locations, required shots, and final image/video quality needed. Communicate these details to potential drone operators to get accurate quotes.

Remember, a longer shoot duration will increase costs due to additional flight time, battery changes, and editing work.

When comparing quotes, don’t just focus on the lowest price. Evaluate each operator’s experience, equipment, insurance, and portfolio to ensure they can deliver the quality you expect.

Allocate a contingency fund for unexpected expenses like travel costs or weather-related shoot delays.

Ultimately, having a clear budget and alignment with your drone operator on the project scope will help you get the best value for your investment.

Be prepared to adjust your requirements or budget if needed to achieve the aerial photography goals that matter most for your project.

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Getting the Best Value

While price is an important consideration, getting the best value for your drone photography investment involves carefully evaluating several key factors beyond just cost.

I recommend looking at the photographer’s portfolio to gauge the quality and style of their work. Make sure it aligns with your vision and needs.

Consider the scope of your project and the estimated drone photography session duration to determine if their pricing is fair for the time involved.

For example, a 1-hour shoot with 50+ edited photos averaging £350 is a common package, but a 30-min session with 5 photos for £195 might be sufficient for simpler needs and yield a better value.

Evaluate what’s included in the drone photography cost, such as the operator’s experience, quality of equipment, extent of editing, licensing usage rights, and insurance.

A higher rate is justifiable for a skilled operator using professional gear and providing a full-service experience.

Lastly, read client reviews to assess professionalism, reliability and the overall experience. Getting the best value is a balance of cost, quality, expertise and exceptional service that provides you with stunning aerial photos you’ll be thrilled with.


In conclusion, drone photography in the UK typically costs between £150 and £600, with most projects falling in the £300 to £400 range.

As James Leslie, a drone pilot who runs Skykam, the UK’s largest drone survey service, I’ve extensive experience in this field. My team and I’ve worked on countless projects, giving us unique insights into the factors that influence drone photography pricing.

If you’re in need of professional drone services, feel free to get in touch with me at, and I’ll be happy to discuss your project requirements and provide a competitive quote.

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