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Scotlands leading interior scanning service. Creating 3D virtual tours in a variety of industries. Improve your sales and conversions with professional interior photography today!

Matterport Service ScotlandLeading 3D Virtual Tour Service in Scotland

We’re the leading 3D virtual tour service in Scotland. We can help you show off your business to potential customers in a whole new way.

Set yourself apart from the competition. Our 3D virtual tour service lets you create 3D digital twins of any physical space, helping you capture new clients and grow your business.

You can increase the promotion of your business with 3D tours that are both engaging and informative. These virtual reality trips will help you attract more customers, while also helping them feel at home in their destination!

A 3D walkthrough can help your location stand out from the competition. This goes beyond photographs and 360 tours, helping you sell more products with less effort!

What is a Matterport 3D Tour?

A Matterport tour is a 3D virtual tour of a physical space that can be used to help promote your business. It is a more immersive and engaging way to show off your business than traditional photographs or 360 tours.

A 3D tour can help you attract more customers, while also helping them feel at home in their destination. A 3D walkthrough can also help your location stand out from the competition. This goes beyond photographs and 360 tours, helping you sell more with less effort.

Experience Our 3D Tour For Yourself

Experience our 3D tour of the Pompadour, located in the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh.

Share with anyone, on any device

Matterport lets you share your 3D models and related assets with anyone on any device. You can share your models by embedding them on your website or sharing them on social media channels. You can also export them to various file formats so that you can easily share them with others.

  • Share on social media and email
  • Embed it on your website
  • Publish to Google Street View
  • VRBO, and other platforms
  • Send schematic floor plans
  • Create and import .SKX files
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Matterports Iconic Dollhouse View

Matterport’s dollhouse view is the most iconic way to look at a 3D virtual tour. It provides a unique perspective that helps potential customers get a better sense of your business. With Matterport, you can easily create engaging and informative 3D tours that will help you stand out from the competition!

Highlight Key Information

Mattertags are pop-up windows within your 3D models that provide additional information on features to enhance the digital twin experience.

Mattertags are a great way to highlight points of interest in your property tour by embedding notations, links, videos, and even e-commerce workflows directly into your 3D model.

Mattertags are attached to 3D model objects, allowing them to display the Mattertag from any angle. This gives potential customers more information about your company’s features and can increase sales.

Get the Dimensions of Any Room or Object

In your 3D model, you can easily measure the dimensions of any room or object. You can quickly measure the dimensions of any room or object in your 3D model using Measurement Mode. Make better decisions with easy to use tools. This can save you time by avoiding multiple visits to the physical location.

From your desktop or smartphone, see if furniture or equipment will fit in a specific location, or even if it will fit through doors. Measurement Mode is a useful tool for sharing information and enabling smarter space planning, utilisation, and collaboration.

Protect Privacy with Blurring Feature

Matterport provides a blur brush feature that allows you to protect the privacy and identity of people who may appear in your Matterport spaces. This feature allows you to blur their faces or personal information.

We can manually go through the 3D space and blur any element that you do not want to be seen. If you would like to blur other elements in your space, such as personal information or furniture, you can do so by using the blur brush tool. This tool is enabled for human faces, but you can also use it to blur other elements in your space.
matterport service
matterport service

Get A Quote TodayMatterport Service

Starting from £150* for the first hour. *Excluding VAT

For a 1 Hour Scan starting from £150 excluding VAT, You will receive:

  • A 3D Virtual Tour
  • Doll House View
  • Top-Down View
  • A link to your tour to embed into your website or to share on Social Media (We can embed it on your website for you)
  • Still photographs taken from the walkthrough of the model
  • An automated highlight reel or an automated walkthrough of the property
  • The option to use Virtual Reality to view the model


  • 1 Year Of Hosting £50
  • £50 hr for enhanced editing. eg matter tags, floor plan
  • £25 Add the tour to Google Street View

Real Estate

Retail Stores

Air BnB


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, please feel free to contact us
How much does a tour cost?

We charge per hour during the scanning process, with prices starting from £150*. For reference the Pompadour Scan took just under 1 Hour

*Excluding VAT

What is the time frame for a tour to be turned around?

We aim to have all tours delivered within 24 hours of scanning. However it can take up to 72 hours depending on the additional features and size of area.

Do I need to pay for hosting?

The majority of clients will have to pay for hosting. If you have a Matterport account, we can upload it under your account; however, our hosting package is far less expensive than getting your own account.

Does the hosting have to be renewed?

Yes, hosting has to be renewed yearly and is charged in a yearly lump sum of £50.

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The Waldorf Astoria’s – PompadourExperience It Yourself

To take their Edinburgh restaurant to life, the Pompadour turned to our Matterport services to create an interactive, three-dimensional virtual tour that included video footage, booking links and information about the restaurant.


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