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Our services extend beyond the traditional, encompassing a wide array of bridge inspection tasks, such as detailed structural analysis, LiDAR surveys, risk assessments, and more, delivering an unmatched level of precision and efficiency.

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Our specialised drone bridge surveyors meticulously capture and furnish the dataset to equip you with thorough insights into the health and longevity of your bridges. Our gamut of drone bridge survey services encompasses structural integrity analysis, corrosion assessment, load capacity estimation, defect identification, and architectural conformity review.

Armed with this dataset, we can create intricate maps and provide data to conduct comprehensive structural assessments. Helping you identify crucial maintenance areas, risk points, and monitor overall bridge health.

Our seasoned team of professionals can assist you in devising tailor-made management strategies for your bridges, encompassing preventive maintenance, damage inventory, and environmental impact analysis, optimising the safety and lifespan of your infrastructure.


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Progressing Bridge Structural Integrity With Drones

What Is A Drone Bridge Inspection?

A drone bridge inspection is an innovative technique that utilises drones or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to perform a comprehensive assessment of bridge structures. These drones capture high-resolution imagery and construct 3D models of the bridge, offering a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

They eliminate human exposure to hazardous situations such as traffic, extreme heights, or water. Moreover, drones can effortlessly access difficult-to-reach areas and provide detailed insights into the bridge’s condition. Their high-resolution imaging capability ensures accurate identification of defects and structural deficiencies. Safety is significantly enhanced as fewer inspectors are exposed to risks.

Furthermore, drones facilitate continuous monitoring, effectively tracking progress throughout bridge rehabilitation projects, and providing comparative data. Consequently, due to their advantages in safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, drone bridge inspections are increasingly becoming the industry standard.

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Future-Proof Bridges With Drone Inspections

Remote Sensing Solutions For Bridge Inspections

In evaluating the critical components of bridge support and truss structures, safety and precision are paramount. With 360° obstacle avoidance capabilities, our drones can fly close to these structures, documenting their condition safely and accurately. This ability to access complex structures from all angles makes drones an invaluable tool for thorough, accurate, and safe bridge inspections.

In the ever-evolving field of bridge inspections, Drone Survey Services consistently delivers precision, safety, and cost-effectiveness through our drone technology.

Our rigorous inspection protocols and use of advanced drone technologies provide a detailed understanding of a bridge’s condition, enabling engineers to manage resources effectively and plan proactive maintenance and repairs.

Drone Survey Services for Bridge Structures

Unparalleled Accuracy From our Drone Inspections

Access Bridge Areas
Previously Off Limits

Innovative Drone Bridge Inspection Techniques

Inspection of Structural Components

360 Degree Drone View Bridge Inspection

Examination of Hard-to-Reach Areas

Drone Inspection of Bridge Support Structures

Assessment of Support and Truss Structures

Simplifying Structural Insights with Drones

Bridge Concrete Pier Inspection

Our drone-based approach to concrete pier inspections provides a nuanced examination of these vital foundational elements.

With the ability to capture high-resolution imagery, our drones effectively scrutinise the condition of the bridges piers, identifying any faults, such as cracks, scaling, delamination, disintegration, erosion, and alkali reactions.

This level of detail, unattainable through traditional methods, allows for early intervention and repairs, mitigating further structural damage and the costs associated with extensive repairs.

Drone Capturing Bridge Abutment Details

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of Using Drones in Bridge Inspections UK Wide

Efficient Drone Bridge Inspection Services

Increased Safety

Professional Drone Service for Bridge Inspection

Enhanced Efficiency

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Superior Data Quality

Drone Bridge Inspection Service Overview

Comprehensive Bridge Surveys, Above and Below

Remote Inspection Of Pier Caps, Headers, Abutments and Wing Walls

The comprehensive inspection of pier caps, headers, abutments, and wing walls is a critical aspect of our drone-based bridge surveys.

These structural components bear significant loads and endure substantial environmental exposure, making them susceptible to damage over time.

Our drones, equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technology, navigate and scrutinise these elements in close detail, revealing any latent damage, wear, or structural inconsistencies.

Precision Defined in Drone Inspections

Parapets, Fascia and Soffit Inspections

The advanced maneuverability of our drones makes it possible to perform detailed inspections of parapets, fascia, and soffits. By closely examining these critical components, our drones can identify and document any issues that could potentially affect the bridge’s stability and safety.

Ultra high-resolution images, LiDAR and 3D models facilitate the identification of potential points of failure, ensuring timely and effective maintenance.

Drone Inspection of Concrete Bridge Piers

Transforming Bridge Inspections with Aerial Advantage

Commercial Drones For Beam Inspections

Employing drones for beam inspections allows us to provide a thorough analysis of areas often challenging to reach with traditional methods, including the inside of box girders and the spaces between beams.

Our drones’ compact design and agility make it possible to navigate these narrow spaces, capturing clear images that expose any structural faults or wear that could undermine the bridge’s integrity.

High Resolution Drone Imaging Bridge Inspection
Drone Service for Bridge Fascia Inspection

Redefining Safety with Drone Bridge Inspections

Underside Of The Bridge Inspection

Our drone technology enables a thorough examination of the often neglected and hard-to-reach underside of bridges.

Utilising advanced imaging systems, our drones capture high-resolution images to assess structural deficiencies, corrosion, scour, and fractures. This level of detailed analysis allows for a holistic understanding of the bridge’s condition, ensuring that no component is overlooked.

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