Roof Survey by DroneDrone Roof Inspections

Drone surveys are the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective means to survey any roof at any height. We offer drone roof inspections in Scotland

Drone Roof InspectionsDo You Really Need to Climb a Roof?

Assess the condition of your roof to reduce risk of emergencies, comply with insurance premiums, and enhance your property value. All safer, cheaper and faster with drones.

Skykam is the leading provider of drone roof inspections in Scotland. We all know that traditional methods can be used to inspect a roof, but drone technology has advanced to the point where it is now the preferred method of surveying roofs. This is especially true when surveying inaccessible or difficult-to-access structures such as buildings, chimneys, spires, and towers.

Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be easily deployed and provide clients with ultra high definition 4k imaging to investigate problems. Our drones provide information about previously inaccessible locations, enabling our customers to make better-informed decisions more quickly.

We are Gold Certified Drone Safe – Which means we are the safest, most skilled, and advanced drone operators on the market. We adhere to all Drone Safety Protocol’s and have full Civil Aviation Authority licencing. Drone roof inspections are available in the Scotland.
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Drone Roof InspectionsCan you use a drone to check a roof?

Yes, drones have completely changed the way property owners and contractors see roof inspection and assessment.

Roof inspections have traditionally been time-consuming and dangerous. You must scale a towering roof with tricky angles and a variety of levels. Then you walk the length of roof, searching for damage and avoiding falls.

Fortunately, Drone technology has transformed the way roof inspections are performed. A drone fitted with a 4K UHD camera can now securely survey even the biggest and highest roofs.

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Drone SurveyRoof Inspections By Drone are Cheaper

Drones eliminate the need to insure workers and equipment because there are fewer, if any, risks. Saving money on insurance, equipment and workers.

Drones can cut inspection costs significantly. It eliminates the need to buy and transport costly climbing equipment such as scaffolding. As a result, equipment and labour costs are reduced.

Due to the risks associated with traditional roof inspections, the workers, as well as the equipment and structure, need to be insured against accidents and damages. Insurance costs can be high, reducing revenue. Drones remove the need for high insurance costs.

Drone Roof SurveyDrones Allow For Safer Roof Inspections

Drones eliminate most of the risks inherent in traditional roof inspection methods.

The use of drones for roof inspections eliminates the majority of the risks associated with traditional roof survey methods. Complex designs, great heights, deteriorated roofs, structures, and difficult-to-access areas can all endanger workers.

One of the primary benefits of using drones to inspect is that data can be collected without endangering workers lives.

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SkykamWe Provide Drone Inspection’s
for the North East of Scotland

We are based in the North East of Scotland and provide drone roof inspections for the surrounding area

Need a Drone Inspection?In-depth Data Collection

Our drones can fly almost anywhere in the building and collect data with their 4K high-resolution image, video, and thermal cameras.

Drone inspections provide more information than traditional inspections. Our drones aren’t just for taking pictures. We also take precise 3D models of the entire roof, as well as thermal imaging and Ultra HD 4k video.

Our drones can also be used repeatedly to take photos or videos from the same location. The drones have built-in GPS systems that allow them to take shots of a location from the exact location every time they visit, even months later. This is useful for comparing before and after images after a repair.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYWe Are Licenced Drone Pilots & Aerial Photography Professionals

We are an experienced drone service based out of North East of Scotland. Fully licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority and a Gold Licence holder for Drone Safe.
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In short, we are the safest, most competent, most innovative drone operator on the market. We adhere to all Drone Safety Protocols and are fully licenced by the CAA.


High-quality aerial inspection and drone photography services for commercial and private clients. Skykam delivers high-quality drone services and is keen to offer a competitive and affordable service. We cover the whole of Scotland.

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