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Drone Silo Inspection Service

From meticulous silo structural analysis to LiDAR surveys, risk evaluations, and more, we deliver an unparalleled degree of precision and efficiency. Our drone-powered silo inspections represent a new standard in silo inspection, reinforcing our commitment to safety, accuracy, and innovation.

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Our specialised drone silo surveyors meticulously capture and deliver the data to provide you with in-depth insights into the health and longevity of your silos.

Our range of drone silo survey services includes structural integrity analysis, corrosion assessment, load capacity estimation, defect identification, and architectural conformity review.

With this dataset, we can construct detailed maps and facilitate data-driven comprehensive structural assessments. This aids in identifying key maintenance areas, risk points, and monitoring overall silo health.

Our experienced team of professionals can support you in formulating customised management strategies for your silos, including preventive maintenance, damage inventory, and environmental impact analysis, optimising the safety and lifespan of your infrastructure.


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Expert Drone Silo Inspection Services

What Is A Drone Silo Inspection?

A drone silo inspection is a procedure where drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are utilised to survey and assess the condition of silos. These inspections involve capturing high-resolution images and generating detailed 3D models of the silo’s interior and exterior.

This technique provides a safe, efficient, and cost-effective method to identify potential issues such as structural defects, corrosion, or material build-up, without the need for manual entry, which can be dangerous and time-consuming. The collected data aids in preventive maintenance, ensuring the longevity and safe operation of the silos.

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Precision Silo Assessments with Drones

Deep-Dive Silo Interior Surface Inspection

Interior inspections of silos present unique challenges, due to the often confined and complex nature of these spaces. Utilising drone technology, we are able to deliver a detailed examination of these interior surfaces.

Drones, armed with high-resolution cameras, can generate 3D models of the interior space. This data can be utilised to identify potential issues such as cracking, corrosion, or material build-up, which would be invisible to the human eye or even more traditional surveying techniques.

Cutting-Edge Drone Solutions for Silo Inspections

Innovative Drone Technology for Silo Inspections

Drone Adaptation
For Silo Inspections

Minimize Risk with Drone Silo Inspections

Tower Silo Inspections with Drone Technology

Improve Silo Maintenance with Drone Inspections

Drone-Enabled Bunker Silo Assessments

State of the Art Drone Services for Silo Inspection

Bag Silo Inspections Leveraging Drone Innovations

Efficient Drone Surveys for Silo Health

Comprehensive Exterior Silo Surface Assessment

The external structure of a silo is critical to its overall integrity and performance. Drones offer an unmatched vantage point to inspect these areas thoroughly.

Their aerial capabilities coupled with LiDAR sensors and high-definition imaging technology allow for detailed surface modelling and analysis.

By identifying visible damage, deformations, or signs of weathering on the silo’s exterior surface, we can alert to potential structural concerns before they become significant issues.

nnovative Drone Technology for Silo Inspections

Comprehensive Drone Inspections of Tower Silos

Benefits of Using Drones in
Silo Tank Inspections UK Wide

Unmatched Safety in Silo Inspections with Drones

Increased Safety

Fast and Accurate Drone Surveys for Silos

Enhanced Efficiency

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Superior Data Quality

Expert Drone Silo Inspection Services

Cutting-Edge Drone Solutions for Silo Inspections

Accurate Concrete Structure Examination

Concrete integrity is crucial for silo stability and performance. By leveraging drones equipped with LiDAR sensors, we can obtain detailed point cloud data of the silo’s concrete surfaces.

This allows for detection of minute cracks, hollow areas, and potential distortions that may threaten the silo’s structural integrity.

Additionally, thermal imaging can be employed to detect moisture ingress, a common issue in concrete structures that can lead to serious structural concerns.

Unmatched Safety in Silo Inspections with Drones

Silo Insulation Inspection with Drone Thermal Imaging

Drone technology takes insulation inspections to new heights. The thermal imaging cameras mounted on drones can scan large areas of insulation for temperature differentials.

These can indicate problems such as heat leakage or hidden moisture damage, which might compromise the silo’s energy efficiency or lead to more severe structural issues.

This data-driven approach facilitates early intervention, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of the silo’s insulation.

Revolutionizing Bunker Silo Assessments with Drones

Fast and Accurate Drone Surveys for Silos

Thorough Silo Roof Feeding Ports Inspection

Roof feeding ports are critical points in a silo’s operation. Drones make inspecting these areas both safe and efficient.

Using a combination of high-resolution imaging and advanced flight capabilities, drones can quickly identify damages, blockages, or material build-up, which might obstruct normal operation and lead to inefficiencies or risks to safety.

Precision Silo Assessments with Drones
Accurate Bag Silo Inspections Using Drones

Minimise Risk with Drone Silo Inspections

Base and Pit Concrete Structures Data Capture

The base and pit structures of a silo are often overlooked due to their inaccessibility. However, drones can easily access and survey these areas, providing valuable data on the conditions of these foundational elements.

The drones generate high-resolution images and LiDAR scans, which can reveal cracks, disintegration, or distortions, thereby enabling timely repairs and maintenance.

Damage detection is a fundamental part of any silo inspection, and drones bring unparalleled precision to this process. With the ability to detect cracks, corrosion, moisture damage, and even grain residues, drones help uncover issues that can hamper the silo’s operational efficiency. The comprehensive data collected from these inspections not only flags immediate repair needs but also informs preventive maintenance strategies, promoting the longevity of the silo.

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