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The leading company in HSE-compliant agriculture drone crop spraying services in the UK. Our precision farming solutions use agricultural UAVs for efficient and sustainable aerial crop spraying. We provide advanced drone-powered crop dusting and un-manned crop spraying services to ensure optimal crop health and maximum yield.

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UK’s Leading Agriculture Drone Pesticide Spraying Company

Drone crop spraying services that enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in the agriculture industry. We provide professional and reliable drone spraying services across the UK.

Our team of licensed operators strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure safe and compliant operations.

Our drone crop spraying services are carefully designed to save farmers valuable time and money, while also improving the health and productivity of their crops. Our drone-based solutions for disease, bracken, weed, and pest control, as well as pesticide and fertiliser spreading, offer unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.


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Agricultural Drone Spraying

What Is Drone Crop Spraying?

Drone crop spraying is a type of precision agriculture that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers to crops or plants. This technology enables British farmers to target specific areas of their fields with precision, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Drone crop spraying is a relatively new innovation in agriculture, but it is rapidly gaining popularity due to its potential to save time, reduce labor costs, and improve crop yields.

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Revolutionising Bracken Control, Not Just Managing It

Game-Changer for Bracken Control in The UK and Scotland

Bracken fern, toxic to livestock and potentially carcinogenic to humans, is a significant concern for UK and Scotland farmers.

Conventional control methods often prove challenging, but we offer a transformative solution: our Bracken Control Drone Spraying.

We’re not just controlling bracken; we’re revolutionizing its management, safeguarding landscapes, livestock, and public health. We are the UK’s only drone bracken spraying service.

Precision drone spraying targets bracken, reduces herbicide impact
Accesses challenging terrains where traditional methods fall short
Reduce cost compared to traditional helicopter bracken spraying
Drone Bracken Spraying

Automated. Targeted. Precise.

Range of Agricultural
Spraying Drone Outputs

Drone Precision Crop Spraying 1

Heavy Lift Drones For Aerial Pesticide Spraying

Crop Yield Estimation 1

Boost Crop Health With Drone Fertiliser Spraying

Soil Analysis 1

Targeted Aerial Herbicide Spraying Service

Versatility of Drone Crop Spraying in Agriculture

Types of Crops That Can Be Sprayed By Drones

Drones have proven to be versatile tools in the agricultural industry due to their ability to cover large areas quickly and accurately. Drones can be used to spray various types of crops such as wheat, corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, fruits, and vegetables. 

Drone crop spraying is a suitable option for farmers growing crops of different sizes and heights, ranging from low-lying crops like strawberries to taller crops such as corn. The ability of drones to adjust their altitude and speed during operations allows them to cover every part of the crop with precision and accuracy, ensuring complete coverage of the crops.

Drones equipped with various spraying technologies can be customised to meet specific crop needs, making them useful for various crops grown in different environmental conditions.

Bracken Control Drone Spraying 1

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of Using Drones For Crop Spraying

Advanced Aerial Farm Mapping Services 1

Cover Large Areas of Land Quickly

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index 1

Only Targets Areas That Require Treatment

Promotes Sustainable Farming Practices

Promotes Sustainable Farming Practices

Agricultural Spraying Drone Outputs 1

UK’s Only Fully Compliant Agriculture Drone Spraying Service Provider

Legal Status of Drone Crop Spraying in the UK

Drone crop spraying is legal in the UK, but there are specific regulations and permissions that must be followed in order to operate drones safely and legally. Operators must obtain the necessary permissions from relevant authorities, such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for pesticide application, and comply with environmental regulations and local bylaws.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for regulating drone operations in the UK, and has established rules and requirements for drone crop spraying. Drone operators must have a valid drone pilot license and adhere to strict safety guidelines, including maintaining a safe distance from people, structures, and other aircraft. 

It is important to work with experienced and knowledgeable drone crop spraying service companies who can provide consulting services and ensure compliance with all necessary regulations and permissions.

Understanding How Drone Crop Spraying Works

Combination of GPS, Sensors, and Spray Equipment

Drone crop spraying works by utilising a combination of GPS technology, advanced sensors, and spray equipment attached to the drone. 

The drone is programmed to fly over the crop field, while GPS technology ensures it follows a pre-programmed flight path. Advanced sensors are then used to detect the crop’s location and determine the precise amount of chemical required for the specific area.

Once the drone has determined the amount of chemical required, the spray equipment attached to the drone applies the chemicals with pinpoint accuracy. This process helps to ensure that the crops receive the right amount of nutrients and protection, without the risk of overuse or waste.

Crops That Can Be Sprayed By Drones
Cost Effectiveness of Drone Agriculture Spraying

Optimise Your Farms Chemicals Use

Cost-Effectiveness of Drone Agriculture Spraying

Drone crop spraying can be a cost-effective solution for farmers, as it reduces labor costs and improves operational efficiency. The cost-effectiveness of drone crop spraying can vary depending on the size of the crop field, the type of crops being grown, and the frequency of spraying required.

Additionally, the use of drones for crop spraying can result in cost savings due to the reduction in the overall use of chemicals. By applying pesticides and fertilisers with precision and accuracy, farmers can avoid waste and overuse, leading to healthier crops and a more sustainable farming operation.

Overall, the cost-effectiveness of drone crop spraying makes it a valuable tool for modern agriculture.

Matching Your Needs

Customisable Drone Crop Spraying Services for Your UK Farming Needs

We understand that every farm and crop is unique, which is why we offer customisable drone crop spraying services to meet the specific needs of individual farmers and crops.

We work closely with our clients to identify their crop management needs and provide tailored solutions that fit their specific requirements.

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support, from consultation and planning to execution and maintenance. Our customisable services are designed to save farmers time and money, while also improving the overall health and productivity of their crops.

customisable drone crop spraying

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UK Wide Agricultural Drone Spraying Service

Types of Equipment Used for Drone Crop Spraying

DJI Agras T10 crop spraying drone


DJI Agras T30


custom aerial drone spraying build

Our Custom Heavy Lift Drone Builds

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