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Drone Forest Surveying & Mapping

We are the UK’s industry leader in commercial-grade drone forestry surveying and mapping. We offer a range of forestry mapping services, including forestry mapping, LiDAR survey, ecological surveys, and more.

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Our environmental surveyors then analyse, interpret, and present the data to provide you with comprehensive insights into your forest’s health and productivity. Our range of woodland survey services includes tree height estimation, biomass estimation, growth monitoring, species identification, and canopy cover analysis.

With this information, we can create detailed maps and conduct ecological surveys to help you identify important habitat areas and species, assess carbon uptake, and monitor vegetation.

Our team of experts can help you develop customised management strategies for your forest, including forest management, timber inventory, and environmental monitoring, to maximise the productivity of your land.


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Accurate Aerial Forestry Mapping

What Is A Drone Forestry Survey?

A drone forestry survey is a method of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to collect data and capture images of forests from above. These drones can be equipped with cameras, LiDAR, and other sensors to capture detailed data and images of the forest canopy, understory, and ground cover.

This data can be used to assess the health and condition of the forest, monitor vegetation, detect pests and diseases, and conduct ecological surveys. Drone forestry surveys are a valuable tool for forestry management and can provide detailed and accurate data for making informed decisions about forest operations.

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Advanced Mapping and LiDAR for Detailed Forest Species Identification

Detailed Forest Species Identification

One of the many valuable features of our Forestry Surveying Service is species identification. Using the latest aerial imagery and LiDAR technology, we create detailed maps of your forested land that allow us to identify the species of trees growing on your property.

Our forestry surveying team has the expertise to provide accurate species identification data, which can be used in combination with GIS and other forestry analytics tools to develop detailed insights on forest health, growth monitoring, and environmental monitoring. By leveraging this data, we can support your forest management strategies with customised solutions that meet your unique needs.

Drone Forest Survey in Action

Capture Aerial Forestry Data

Aerial Forestry
Survey Outputs

Detailed Drone Forest Survey Images

Commercial-Grade Lidar Forestry Drone Mapping

Advanced Drone Forest Survey Methods

Photogrammetry Drone Forestry Mapping

Drone Forest Survey Techniques

Geo-Referenced Orthomosaic Forestry Mapping

Maximising Accuracy with Drone Mapping

LiDAR Forest Survey UK

Our Lidar forestry surveys utilize advanced LiDAR technology to capture high-quality data and imagery. Using the Geocue Lidar and a 65Mp RGB camera on a Commercial Heavy Lift Drone, we can provide DTM or DSM with a high level of detail, achieving a typical accuracy of <3cm and ground sampling of <1cm.

This enables us to create highly accurate and detailed maps of your forestry assets, providing you with valuable insights to inform your management strategies.

By using the Geocue Lidar and a high-resolution camera on a Commercial Heavy Lift Drone, we’re able to provide superior data quality, enabling you to make more informed decisions about the management of your forestry assets.

Innovative Drone Techniques for Forest Survey

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of Using Drones in Forestry Mapping

Drone Forest Survey Data Collection

Overcome Challenging Woodland Terrain with Ease

Comprehensive Drone Forest Survey

Obtain Ultra High-Resolution Aerial Forestry Data

Drone Forest Surveying and Mapping UK 1

Save Time & Cost with Drone Forest Surveys

Drone Technology in Forest Survey

Highly Accurate Measurements

Timber Inventory Service

Our Timber Inventory service is an essential component of our forestry surveying services. Using LiDAR technology and advanced GIS, our team can accurately measure the volume and value of timber on your property. This information is crucial for effective forest management, helping you to make informed decisions about timber harvesting, regeneration, and more.

Our experienced team uses aerial imagery and point cloud data to create high-resolution orthomosaic images and topographical maps, allowing us to identify the locations of individual trees and calculate their heights with precision.

By leveraging our Timber Inventory service, you can streamline your forest management process and maximise the value of your timber resources.

Advanced Lidar Technology for Forest Management

Canopy Cover Survey Services

Our Canopy Cover Analysis service is a crucial part of our Forestry Surveying Services. Using advanced LiDAR technology, GIS, and aerial imagery, we can accurately measure the percentage of canopy cover on your forested land. Our team also employs digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs) to create high-resolution orthomosaic images and topographical maps, allowing us to analyse the shape and health of the forest canopy.

The DSM provides an accurate representation of the canopy height, which allows us to determine the percentage of the forest floor that is covered by tree crowns and identify any areas where the canopy may be damaged or missing.

By leveraging our Canopy Cover Analysis service, you can gain comprehensive information about the productivity and environmental health of your forest and develop customised management strategies to maximise the productivity of your land.

Precision in Forest Survey with Drones

Transforming Oil and Gas Industry with Unmanned Aerial Inspection

Slope Analysis for Erosion and Landslide Risk

Using advanced GIS, aerial imagery, and digital elevation models (DEMs), we can accurately measure the slope of your forested land. By analyzing the slope, we can determine the degree of steepness and gradient on the terrain, which can inform our forest management strategies. Our team also employs digital terrain models (DTMs) to support our Slope Analysis service, providing a detailed understanding of the topography and terrain of your land.

Slope Analysis can be used to identify areas at risk of landslides and soil erosion, allowing us to develop customised management strategies to mitigate these risks.

Additionally, Slope Analysis can support biomass and tree height estimation, canopy cover analysis, and growth monitoring, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your forest’s health and productivity.

Drone Forest Survey Overview
Benefits of Drone Forest Survey

Drone Technology for Accurate Biomass Estimation

Biomass Estimation and Carbon Assessment

We can accurately estimate the biomass of your forested land. This information is essential for accurate carbon assessment and to develop effective forest management strategies.

Our Biomass Estimation service can support tree counting and growth monitoring, providing a comprehensive understanding of your forest’s health and productivity.

By leveraging our Biomass Estimation service, you can gain accurate information about the carbon stored in your forest and develop customised management strategies to maximise the productivity of your land.

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