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Drone Stockpile Survey

UK’s leading drone stockpile survey service, we use hyper-high-resolution camera and LiDAR sensors allows us to capture intricate, quality data from your stockpiles. This data is integral to creating accurate volume calculations, supplying you with the detailed insights necessary for efficient inventory management, accurate financial forecasting, and effective supply chain operations.

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Our team of specialised drone stockpile surveyors meticulously captures and processes data, providing you with in-depth insights into your stockpile volumes and inventory management. Our broad range of drone stockpile survey services includes volume calculations, material type identification, operational efficiency analysis, and environmental impact assessments.

Utilising this dataset, we create detailed maps and provide data to perform comprehensive stockpile evaluations. This helps you identify crucial areas of focus, evaluate stockpile stability, and monitor overall inventory levels.


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Elevate Your Inventory Management with Drone Surveys

What Is A Drone Stockpile Survey?

A drone stockpile survey refers to the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to capture aerial data for measuring and monitoring stockpiles in industries such as mining, construction, and aggregates. This method is faster, more accurate, and safer than traditional ground-based surveying techniques.

Drones equipped with cameras or other sensors, such as LiDAR or photogrammetry, can capture high-resolution images and data points of stockpiles from various angles. The data collected by drones is then processed using specialised software to generate 3D maps and models, which can be used to calculate stockpile volumes with high accuracy.

This information is crucial for inventory management, financial forecasting, supply chain management, and accurate reconciliation.

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Soaring Above Traditional Methods with Drone Stockpile Surveys

Transforming Stockpile Management with Drone Technology

Embrace the future of stockpile management with Drone Survey Services, as we revolutionise the traditional process through cutting-edge drone technology.

Our drones, equipped with RTK and GCPs, provide rapid, cost-effective, and precise stockpile surveys, negating the safety risks inherent in manual methods. Drones capture a wealth of high-resolution data, offering a comprehensive 3D view for accurate stockpile volumes calculations and detailed stockpile analysis.

With the ability to conduct regular surveys, we ensure you have up-to-date inventory information at your fingertips, optimizing stockpile management and boosting operational efficiency.

Leave behind the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional methods, and step into the future with us.

Drones for Streamlined Stockpile Management

The Future of Stockpile Management is Here

Benefits of Drone Stockpile Surveys

accurate stockpile volume measurements

Unmatched Efficiency with Drone Stockpile Surveys

stockpile inventory management

Realise Cost-Effective Solutions and Enhanced Safety

inventory management

Precise Measurements and Regular Volume Updates

Experience Unmatched Accuracy in Stockpile Measurement

Utilising Ground Control Points and For Enhanced Precision

GCPs are physical, large markers set out on the survey area whose coordinates are precisely known. These strategically placed markers serve as reference points that help geo-locate the aerial data captured by the drone.

When the drone captures images of the stockpile, it also includes images of these GCPs. Subsequently, in the data processing stage, the known coordinates of the GCPs are utilised to align and correct the captured data. This process ensures an accurate spatial representation of the stockpile, thereby significantly improving the precision of volume calculations.

This step is pivotal in reducing potential errors, guaranteeing the delivery of more accurate and reliable stockpile measurements.

Empowering Industries with Accurate Drone Stockpile Surveys

Stockpile Surveys Redefined with Drone Technology

Dataset Deliverables of Drone Stockpile Surveys

stockpile volumes

Point Clouds

stockpile management

3D Maps and Models

stockpile data

Digital Terrain Models

Inventory Management with Drone Surveys

Empowering UK Industries with Accurate Drone Stockpile Surveys

RTK Accurate Drone Stockpile Volume Measurements

Moreover, we employ Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to further enhance the precision of our drone surveys.

RTK is a GPS correction technology that reduces the errors caused by atmospheric delay and provides real-time corrections to the drone’s positional data.

Combined with GCPs, RTK technology enables us to provide highly precise stockpile data, critical for industries like mining, construction, and aggregates, where accurate stockpile measurements are essential for effective inventory management and accurate financial forecasting.

Making Stockpile Management Easier, Faster, and Safer

Drones For Stockpile Inventory Management

For the aggregates industry, drone surveys are indispensable in measuring stockpiles of materials like crushed stone, sand, and gravel. Our drone surveys provide highly accurate data, thus allowing for reliable stockpile volume calculations.

The ease of regular stockpile volume measurements ensures continuous inventory updates, leading to more precise supply chain management. With our drone technology, aggregate producers can effectively monitor stock levels, manage supply chains, and make informed business decisions.

Drone Surveys for Enhanced Inventory Management

Embrace the Future of Stockpile Surveys Today

Improving Inventory Management with Drone Surveillance

In logistics and delivery, our drones provide a significant advantage by monitoring supply chains and inspecting warehouses and distribution centres.

Drone Survey Services can help these facilities maintain a thorough stockpile inventory, ensuring efficient distribution of goods.

With detailed aerial views, our drones can identify stockpile locations, measure volumes, and capture irregularities or discrepancies, assisting in optimising space utilisation and improving stockpile management.

Stockpile Surveys Redefined with Drone Technology
Stockpile Surveys with Drone Technology

Get Unparalleled Insight into Your Inventory with Drone Surveys

Setting the Bar For Best Practices

Adhering strictly to industry best practices, our approach to drone stockpile surveys combines meticulous flight planning, efficient data capture, and rigorous safety protocols with high-end post-processing and analysis techniques.

We ensure a precise flight path, check for optimal weather conditions, and carry out pre-flight drone checks. Our data capture techniques include capturing high-resolution images, maintaining consistent altitude and speed, and strategically placing Ground Control Points (GCPs).

We also adhere to local drone regulations, keep the drone within visual sight, and assign a visual observer for added safety. Post-flight, our team expertly processes the collected data to produce 3D maps, point clouds, and detailed reports.

Our adherence to these best practices results in accurate, safe, and efficient drone surveys, making us the trusted choice in industries like mining, construction, and aggregates.

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