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Drone Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

UK’s leading experts in the field of commercial-grade drone ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology surveys. A diverse range of GPR drone surveys, including subsurface imaging, real-time data analysis, ecological surveys, and comprehensive mapping. 

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UK’s Leading Drone Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Service

We provide a comprehensive range of drone GPR survey services in the UK, specialising in ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology. Our team of experts utilises advanced UAVs equipped with GPR to conduct accurate and thorough subsurface investigations.

With GPR-equipped drones, we offer efficient and non-invasive surveying of underground structures, precise mapping of subsurface features, and detailed analysis of soil conditions. Our drone-assisted GPR surveys enable remote data collection, real-time analysis, and accurate subsurface mapping.

We remotely monitor and analyze underground structures, identify potential hazards, and assess soil composition. Our GPR drone surveys empower better decision-making in construction, infrastructure, and environmental projects.

Our services encompass comprehensive reporting on subsurface findings, delivering valuable insights into geological features, utility mapping, and archaeological discoveries. By employing GPR drones, we expedite data acquisition, enhance survey accuracy, and reduce project costs.


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Underground Anomaly Detection with GPR Drones

Underground Anomaly Detection with GPR Drones

Drone Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a cutting-edge technology that combines the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) with ground-penetrating radar systems.

It is used to investigate and analyse the subsurface environment by emitting electromagnetic pulses into the ground and measuring the reflections of these pulses. This allows for the detection and mapping of underground structures, geological features, buried artifacts, utilities, and other subsurface elements.

Drone GPR technology offers numerous advantages, including improved safety by minimising the need for human presence in hazardous areas, enhanced efficiency through rapid data collection and real-time analysis, and cost savings. Drone GPR provides a non-invasive means of subsurface exploration, enabling professionals in diverse fields to gain a better understanding of the underground environment and make informed decisions based on accurate subsurface data.

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Geospatial mapping with GPR drones

How Our Drone Ground Penetrating Radar Works

Drone ground-penetrating radar (GPR) works by emitting electromagnetic waves into the ground from a drone-mounted antenna. These waves interact with subsurface materials, reflecting back at different speeds and amplitudes based on the material’s properties.

The GPR system records the return time of these waves, enabling the estimation of the depth and location of the subsurface materials. The gathered data is then processed to generate a 2D or 3D cross-sectional view of the surveyed area.

This information aids professionals in identifying and interpreting underground features such as soil layers, buried objects, or changes in soil composition. The use of drones enhances the GPR’s efficiency, allowing for quick, wide-area surveys and access to difficult terrains.

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Geospatial mapping with GPR drones

Aerial UAV
Subsurface Mapping UK

Precise Subsurface Mapping Drone Radar

Subsurface Mapping and Imaging

Drone Based Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility Detection and Mapping

Advanced GPR Drone Services

Environmental and Geotechnical Surveys

High Resolution Drone Ground Radar

Non-Invasive Pipe Detection and Backfill Identification

Drone GPR Survey for Utilities Mapping

Leveraging our UK Drone GPR survey service, we provide an advanced solution for utilities mapping. Our ground-penetrating radar drone technology allows for non-invasive subsurface investigation, perfectly suited for pipe detection and backfill identification.

We create precise underground imaging with drones, offering detailed drone-based subsurface exploration for more effective underground mapping. Our drone GPR technology emits radar pulses into the ground that are reflected back to the sensor, revealing the presence and location of buried pipes and backfill. This innovative method allows for the identification and characterization of subsurface features in a way that is both non-disruptive and safe, circumventing the need for traditional digging, which can be both hazardous and costly.

By employing our drone GPR surveys, clients can expect detailed, accurate, and efficient utilities mapping, which can significantly enhance their infrastructural planning and maintenance strategies.

UAV-based geological survey in the UK

Archaeology Aerial Drone Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

Our archaeological drone GPR services leverage the power of advanced remote sensing with GPR drones to penetrate beneath the earth’s surface. Allowing us to detect and map buried artifacts and hidden architectures with unprecedented precision.

Our drone-assisted geotechnical surveys captures information that is then analysed and used to create detailed, three-dimensional maps of the subsurface, revealing potential archaeological sites and objects of interest. This leads to a greater preservation of archaeological sites, thereby maintaining their historical and cultural integrity for future studies and appreciation.

With our drone GPR survey in the UK, archaeology teams are empowered to explore history in a more sustainable, efficient, and insightful way.

Quick Ground Analysis with Drone GPR

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of Drones For Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

Environmentally Friendly Drone GPR

Improved Safety Compared To Traditional Means

Drone Radar for Utility Detection

Increased Efficiency and Speed

Cutting Edge Drone Ground Radar

Save Costs With Drone GPR Surveys

Drone Radar for Construction Planning

UK-Wide Drone GPR Survey Service

Pre-emptive Sink Hole Measurement Using Drone Ground Penetrating Radar

A critical feature of our UAV aerial GPR surveys is its ability to detect subsurface cavities and potential sinkholes, often hidden threats to infrastructure and property. Sinkholes, caused by the dissolution of soluble rocks beneath the ground, can lead to catastrophic damage when they collapse. By identifying these subsurface anomalies early, we can provide necessary data to support mitigation efforts, reducing the risks and potential damage associated with sinkhole formation.

Drones for sinkhole surveying offer distinct advantages. Due to their ability to cover large areas quickly and safely, drones equipped with ground penetrating radar sensors can scan terrain that might be challenging or dangerous for humans to traverse.  Our UAV GPR survey in the UK provides valuable data for monitoring land health over time, tracking changes in soil characteristics, and detecting the emergence of cavities. 

Subsurface imaging with drone GPR

Geospatial Mapping with GPR Drones

Our geophysical prospecting using drone technology service in the UK offers a comprehensive approach to protecting and managing freshwater bodies. We utilise ground-penetrating radar drones to create detailed bathymetric maps, which provide depth and contour data of lake, river, and reservoir bottoms.

Thisnon-invasive subsurface investigation provides understanding the state of our freshwater bodies, identifying changes in water depth, sediment accumulation, and potential hazards submerged under water, which are crucial for effective waterway management and conservation.

We can use our drones to map underwater infrastructure such as dams, pipelines, and other installations. By mapping these infrastructures non-invasively from above, we can identify potential issues such as leaks, damage, or erosion around the structures without disrupting the water body or the surrounding ecosystem.

Detailed Geological Surveys Drone GPR
Drone GPR for Environmental Studies

Drone-based archaeological survey

Topographical Remote sensing with GPR drones

Remote sensing with GPR drones is an invaluable tool that brings unprecedented efficiency and detail to the analysis of rock formations. Utilising drone ground-penetrating radar, we are able to assess rock thickness and discern the state of geological structures without resorting to disruptive excavation or drilling methods.

Our drone-based subsurface exploration technique involves the emission of radar waves that penetrate the ground and reflect back upon encountering different subsurface materials or rock layers. By interpreting these reflected signals, we can create detailed, three-dimensional maps of the subsurface, providing precise data on rock thickness and the continuity of geological structures.

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Aerial Subsurface Mapping in The UK

Outputs Of Aerial Ground Penetrating Radar Survey UK

Drone Ground Penetrating Radar Services

GPR Cross Section Imaging

Efficient Subsurface Imaging Drone Radar

Identification and Evaluation of Buried Objects

Ground Radar Surveys by Drone

Drone-Assisted Geotechnical Survey

Maximising Accuracy with Drone Mapping

Snow, Ice & Permafrost GPR Thickness Measurements

The use of drones in these conditions offers unique advantages. Drones can easily traverse vast, inhospitable landscapes, often inaccessible or hazardous to humans, enabling comprehensive surveys of the Arctic region. Additionally, drones can perform these surveys faster and more efficiently than traditional methods, significantly accelerating data collection while reducing human exposure to the harsh Arctic environment.

These drone-based surveys are instrumental in monitoring changes in the Arctic landscape over time, tracking the thinning of ice layers or the degradation of permafrost, both significant indicators of global warming.

By providing this crucial data, we contribute to the global understanding of climate change and help to inform strategies aimed at mitigating its impacts.

Reliable Subsurface Data Drone Radar
Comprehensive Drone Ground Penetrating Radar

Aerial subsurface mapping in the UK

Drones Carry Industry Leading GPR Sensor Payloads

For our drone ground-penetrating radar sensor, we utilise high-frequency radar units capable of delivering detailed and accurate subsurface images. Our GPR systems offer a wide range of frequency bands, enabling us to adjust to varying survey conditions and requirements – from detecting small, near-surface objects to penetrating deeper for a comprehensive geophysical profile. The GPR systems are also designed to resist environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance regardless of the weather or terrain.

Integration of the GPR system with the drone is another key aspect of our technology. We employ a lightweight yet sturdy mounting system that ensures the GPR system is secure and maintains the correct orientation during flight. The synchronization between the drone’s GPS and the GPR system is critical in accurately associating the GPR data with their respective locations, providing precise georeferenced subsurface maps.

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