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LiDAR Survey Service

UK’s leading drone LiDAR surveying service. Ideal for planning and monitoring, infrastructure inspection, forestry and agriculture management. We provide detailed and accurate 3D maps and models of structures, terrain, and landscapes.

LiDAR Survey Service Nationwide UK

UK’s Leading LiDAR Mapping Company

Drone LiDAR Survey Services stands as your dependable partner for specialized, trustworthy drone-based LiDAR surveys in the land and infrastructure sector, playing a key role in the safety, sustainability, and profitability of projects worldwide.

Our LiDAR technology embodies the striking power of innovation in carrying out land and infrastructure surveys. By harnessing the capabilities of light detection and ranging, we are able to significantly curtail surveying timelines while maintaining a high degree of precision.

From topographical mapping to comprehensive infrastructure evaluations, our land and infrastructure industry drone-based LiDAR solutions are personalised to meet the distinctive needs of each client.


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UK’s Leading Drone LiDAR Survey Provider

UK’s Most Accurate Drone LiDAR Data Collection

Our Drone LiDAR systems employ a process known as “time of flight” to generate precise, three-dimensional information about the Earth’s surface and its unique characteristics. This process involves emitting laser pulses and meticulously measuring the time taken for these pulses to reflect off objects and return to the sensor.

This data, when combined with other information captured by our drones, translates into an accurate and detailed 3D model of the terrain. Trust Drone Survey Services to uncover the minute details of your project area through the power of our advanced drone LiDAR technology.

Drone LiDAR Survey Accuracy

Understanding Drone LiDAR Technology

Drone LiDAR Surveys That Provide
Large Land Coverage UK Wide

LiDAR’s ability to create high-resolution, accurate DEMs has made it an essential tool for land surveying and management, providing valuable insights for decision-making and planning across various industries

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LiDAR Mobile Mapping Service

mobile mapping

Fixed Wing LiDAR Mapping Service

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Corridor Surveying with LiDAR Drones

Fast Data Acquisition with Drone LiDAR

Drone LiDAR Surveys for Detailed Bare Earth Models

The LiDAR data we collect goes through comprehensive data processing, by our in-house geo-technicians, to form a point cloud. This point cloud is a compilation of data points within a three-dimensional coordinate system.

These data points meticulously represent the Earth’s surface features, be it buildings, the diverse vegetation, or the ground itself. Through this intricate point cloud generation, we translate the complexity of our world into a detailed, accessible, and actionable format, providing you a clear perspective of your project area.

Drone LiDAR Survey Applications
Understanding Drone LiDAR Technology

Digital Elevation Models from Drone LiDAR

Drone LiDAR DEM Creation for Diverse Applications

The LiDAR point cloud data serves as the foundation for the creation of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). This model is a detailed representation of the Earth’s surface, rendered in a raster or grid format, where each cell is assigned an elevation value.

This high-resolution portrayal is further differentiated into two types: Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). DSMs encompass all surface features, including buildings and vegetation, offering a comprehensive view of the area.

On the other hand, DTMs represent the bare ground surface, stripped of any objects, providing a clear perspective of the underlying terrain.

Streamlining Workflow with Drone LiDAR

Custom Drone LiDAR Survey Deliverables for Your GIS Software

The DEMs generated from our drone LiDAR surveys can be employed for a variety of land surveying tasks, including topographic mapping, land use planning, infrastructure development, and environmental monitoring.

These DEMs can be seamlessly integrated and visualised in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other specialised software tools. This compatibility facilitates the analysis and interpretation of data for specific applications tailored to your project needs.

Our in-house geo technicians are readily available for consultation, ensuring your project’s requirements are comprehensively understood and accurately addressed. We ensure the drone LiDAR deliverables are compatible with your specific software, making the data easy to interpret and actionable.

Drone LiDAR Surveys in Construction

Versatility of Drone LiDAR Surveys

Studying UK’s Vegetation with
Drone LiDAR Surveys

Drone LiDAR surveys are particularly useful for studying vegetation due to its ability to penetrate through gaps in the canopy and provide detailed information about the underlying structure.

Ecological and land use classification

Canopy Height Estimation

Canopy Height Estimation

Ecological and land use classification

Forest structure mapping

Forest structure mapping

Drone LiDAR Survey Process

Topographic Mapping with Drone LiDAR

Aerial UAV Topographic LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR mapping offerings are tailored to aid the mapping and management of linear infrastructure like highways, railways, pipelines, and power lines. Our high-resolution imagery and data capture enable the accurate mapping and modeling of crucial transportation and utility corridors.

This capability facilitates the streamlining of planning, construction, and maintenance processes, ultimately contributing to safer and more efficient operations within the transportation and utilities sectors.

By fostering more reliable and resilient infrastructure, we play a vital role in improving community life quality and fostering a more connected world. Partner with Drone Survey Services for unparalleled support in infrastructure management.

Drone LiDAR Surveys in Construction

Construction and Engineering Solutions

Our Drone LiDAR Survey services are meticulously crafted to address the unique requirements of construction and engineering professionals. We provide detailed and accurate data essential for planning, designing, and monitoring diverse construction projects, including building and infrastructure development. In doing so, we play a crucial role in improving the overall project outcomes.

Our high-end LiDAR technology guarantees precision in terrain and topographical mapping, which is pivotal for site selection, grading, and earthworks calculations.

By leveraging Drone Survey Services, project teams can enjoy streamlined workflows, cost reduction, and enhanced overall efficiency. Partner with us for technology-driven solutions in your construction and engineering endeavours.

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Drone LiDAR in Mining and Quarrying

Drone LiDAR Surveys Transforming Mining and Quarrying

Drone Survey Services is at the forefront of empowering the mining and quarrying industry with precise geospatial data.

Our Drone LiDAR Survey services offer critical insights for mine planning, volume calculations, slope and stockpile monitoring, and environmental impact reduction. In doing so, we bolster safety, enhance efficiency, and optimize resource extraction while minimising environmental impact.

Our services include precise terrain mapping for efficient mine design, high-resolution 3D models for accurate volume measurements, and regular monitoring of slope conditions for worker safety. Moreover, we provide detailed environmental data to facilitate sustainable mining practices.

Drone LiDAR Surveys for Agriculture

LiDAR Drones For Precision Agriculture and Smart Farming

Drone Survey Services provides specialised LiDAR technology to serve a multitude of agricultural needs. Our drone LiDAR services cater to the intricate mapping of landscapes and topographies, fuelling informed land management and planning decisions.

We enable the estimation of key tree structural characteristics such as leaf area index and canopy volume, essential for understanding crop growth and productivity. With capabilities for crop biomass estimation, our drone lidar services aid in assessing crop yield and optimising resource management.

We support monitoring of crop phenological stages and phenotype characterisation, fostering insights into plant development and breeding.

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Safety and Legality of Drone LiDAR Surveys

Transforming Infrastructure with Drone LiDAR

Transportation and Utilities Management with LiDAR Mapping

Drone Survey Services leverages the power of Drone LiDAR mapping to support comprehensive mapping and effective management of linear infrastructures, including highways, railways, pipelines, and power lines.

By capturing high-resolution imagery and data, we facilitate precise mapping and modeling of transportation and utility corridors. This precision can expedite planning, construction, and maintenance processes, contributing to safer and more efficient operations across transportation and utilities sectors.

Our drone LiDAR services help create reliable and resilient infrastructure, which is instrumental in enhancing community life quality and fostering a more connected world.

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Revealing the Underlying Structure

Drone LiDAR Survey
Outputs & Deliverables

Our Drone LiDAR Mapping Service offers a diverse array of deliverables and outputs that cater to the unique needs of various industries and applications. By utilising advanced LiDAR technology, we can capture highly accurate and detailed spatial data, transforming it into valuable insights and visualisations.

LiDAR Point Cloud Output

LiDAR Digital Surface Model

LiDAR Digital Terrain Model

LiDAR Digital Terrain Model

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Drone LiDAR Point Cloud Output