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We are pioneers in transforming the UK’s drone quarry surveys, defying geographical limits. Our skilled team utilises cutting-edge drone technology and terrestrial ROVs, offering quarry industries worldwide an advanced solution for data collection and terrain analysis.

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Your reliable ally for proficient, trustworthy drone-based surveys in the quarry sector, a fundamental part of the industry’s safety, sustainability, and profitability worldwide.

From rock face monitoring to complete quarry site evaluations, our quarry industry drone solutions are personalised to accommodate the unique needs of each client.

Whether it’s for documenting quarry expansion, monitoring compliance with safety regulations, or understanding the impact of operations on the surrounding environment, our high-resolution aerial data proves invaluable.


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What Is A Drone Quarry Survey?

A drone quarry survey is an advanced method used to map and inspect quarries with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. This approach provides an efficient, safe, and cost-effective way to gather essential data about the quarry site.

Using sophisticated drone technology equipped with high-resolution cameras or LiDAR sensors, a drone quarry survey captures detailed imagery or point cloud data of the quarry. This can include information about the topography, depth, volume, structural integrity, and other crucial aspects of the site. The data collected is further processed to create precise 3D models or detailed maps, facilitating better decision making and planning.

Drone quarry surveys can drastically improve operational efficiency by reducing downtime, minimizing risks associated with manual inspections, and providing high-quality data for assessing quarry conditions, planning extractions, monitoring progress, and complying with safety and environmental regulations.

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Drone Technology in the Quarry Industry

Mapping Your Quarry Quickly & Efficiently

A quarry survey is the mapping of a site that is specifically used for excavation or storage of mineral resources that have been mined. A quarry survey is important for understanding the layout and potential size of a quarry, as well as for assessing any hazards or obstacles in the area.

Drone Survey Services drone inspections provide quarry surveys quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get a clear picture of your quarry site with minimal disruption.

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Profiling The Rock Face For A Perfect Finish

Rock face profiling is the process of measuring the surface features of a rock face in order to determine its suitability for quarrying. Rock face profiling is an important part of quarrying, as it helps to determine the suitability of a rock face for excavation. 

By using drones with laser scanning, we can quickly and easily map the surface features of a rock face, allowing us to make an informed decision about whether or not to quarry it.

Transforming Terrain Analysis with Technology
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Taking Quarry Surveying Sky-High

Aerial Blast Analysis

Provide blast analysis of the site before and after work has been done. Quarry blast analysis is the examination of the results of a quarry blast in order to assess the efficiency of the blast and determine ways to improve future blasts.

Drone Survey Services can provide quarry blast analysis services. This can help to ensure that the quarry is being operated safely and that any changes made to the site are being done properly.

Revolutionising Quarries with Unseen Perspectives

Volumetric Quarry Assessments To Increase Efficiency

Provide quarry surveys which allow for the calculation of mineral extraction quantities for royalties. This is done through the use of aerial photography and LiDAR to map the quarries. A volumetric survey is a process of measuring the volume of material within an area.

This is typically done to assess the number of resources available for excavation. Volumetric quarry surveys using drones can provide a more accurate mapping of the site than traditional methods. This allows for more efficient excavation and storage of the resources.

Revolutionising Quarries with Unseen Perspectives

Inspection Innovation for Superior Quarry Surveys

Ensure Planning Restrictions Are Met

When surveying a quarry, it is important to ensure that all planning restrictions are being met. This includes making sure that the quarry is not too close to residential areas, and that the correct permits have been obtained.

We offer a quick and efficient way to ensure that quarry planning restrictions are being met. Our drones can fly over the quarry site to create a detailed map of the area, which can be used to help with the planning process.

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Accelerate Insight with Aerial Quarry Analysis

Use Our Survey To Plan For The Future Of Your Quarry

A quarry survey is important for many reasons. One reason is that it can help to provide accurate data that can be used for valuation. This information is important when trying to get an idea of how much the quarry is worth.

Another reason why a quarry survey is important is that it can help in planning for the future of the quarry. This includes things such as what types of resources should be mined and how much needs to be excavated.

Transcending Boundaries in Quarry Surveys

Get A 3D Contoured Map Of Your Quarry

We can provide a 3D contoured terrain model of the quarry, which will give you a more precise idea of the site’s topography.

A 3D contoured map is a three-dimensional graphical representation of the quarry landform or surface. It provides a more accurate depiction of the quarry’s features and helps you plan excavation and storage strategies.

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