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We deliver comprehensive underwater drone sonar surveys UK nationwide, detailed sub surface spatial mapping, and meticulous underwater inspections. Our drone sonar survey services are meticulously tailored to fit your industrial requirements.

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Your trusted ally for skilled, reliable drone-based sonar surveys, a crucial contributor to safety, sustainability, and profitability across various industries globally.

Our brand epitomises the transformative potential of innovation in executing sonar surveys. These surveys, whether they are river channel assessments, debris detection, or underwater infrastructure mappings, result in drastically reduced operational downtime while ensuring unmatched precision.

From submerged structure surveys to comprehensive bathymetric studies, our drone-based sonar solutions are tailored to accommodate the distinct requirements of every client.


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Drone Sonar Surveys: Depth Beyond Sight

What Is A Drone Sonar Survey?

A drone sonar survey is a method of collecting underwater data using a lightweight sonar device tethered to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone. This technique allows for real-time imaging and the creation of geolocated, interactive bathymetric maps without the need for a boat

Drone sonar surveys are useful for various applications, such as hydrographic surveying, dredging operations, and underwater inspections. Some systems, like the Photoacoustic Airborne Sonar System (PASS), can be installed beneath drones to enable aerial underwater survey

Surveying Sea and Shore with Drone Sonar

Leadings In Aerial Drone Sonar Surveying

We leverage cutting-edge drone technology to conduct meticulous inspections of offshore oil rigs. Utilising advanced sensors and high-resolution cameras, our drones perform up-close examinations of oil tanks for potential defects or abnormalities, effectively detecting gas leaks, oil spills, and their extent.

The adaptability of our drones allows us to outfit them with an array of sensors, encompassing visual (RGB), infrared (IR), and lidar capabilities. This versatility enhances the breadth and depth of data collection, enabling us to capture precise and comprehensive information about your oil and gas assets.

Precise Depth Mapping Bathymetric Survey

Drone Sonar Survey Service UK Wide

Benefits of Drone Sonar Surveys

At Drone Survey Service, we specialise in providing cutting-edge drone sonar survey solutions that offer numerous benefits to our clients. Our focus is on delivering accurate, real-time data collection and supporting environmental monitoring efforts. Here’s an overview of the key advantages our drone sonar survey services provide:

Mitigating Risks in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Enhanced Accuracy in Underwater Mapping

Drones in Oil and Gas Emission Monitoring

Real-Time Sonar Data Collection and Analysis

Leveraging Drones for Accurate and Rapid Offshore Platform Inspections

Underwater Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

Fly High, Dive Deep: Drone Sonar Surveys

Drone Sonar Surveys For UK’s Waterways

Drone sonar surveys for waterways are revolutionising hydrographic surveying by enabling the mapping of shorelines, seabeds, riverbeds, currents, and tides with greater efficiency and precision.

Our advanced drone sonar systems are specifically designed to detect and analyse underwater features, such as submerged objects, vegetation, sediment layers, and variations in water depth. This innovative technology benefits various industries, including maritime navigation, dredging, offshore drilling, and marine construction.

Accurate hydrographic data ensures the safety of vessels and optimises dredging operations. Offshore drilling and marine construction projects also rely on this data for planning and execution.

advanced drone sonar systems
Tailored Bathymetric Survey Solutions

Innovation Meets Elevation: Drone Sonar Surveys

Drone Sonar Surveys For Underwater Inspections

Our drone sonar survey services are specifically designed to provide comprehensive and accurate inspections of critical underwater infrastructure, such as docks, levees, and bridges. One of the key aspects we focus on is detecting structural anomalies, which may compromise the integrity of the infrastructure.

These anomalies can include signs of damage, corrosion, or other irregularities that require immediate attention and maintenance. Our high-resolution data allows us to identify these issues early on, enabling timely intervention and minimising the risk of catastrophic failure.

Discover Underwater Wonders with Drone Sonar

Drone Sonar Sludge Measurement

Our drones equipped with sonar technology are being adapted for the process of sludge volume measurement in wastewater treatment.

By flying over restricted areas like ponds, lagoons, or tanks, these drones can accurately measure the volume of sludge and pinpoint areas of accumulation. The sonar system works by emitting a high-powered acoustic pulse, which reflects off the interface density selected, and the reflected signal is processed using specially developed software algorithms.

This allows for precise sonar measurement of sludge bed levels at the bottom of a clarifier or the lightest flocculent layer.

drone sonar storage tank survey

Unveiling the Depths with Drone Sonar Surveys

Drone Sonar River Channel Assessments

Drone sonar technology is a powerful tool for conducting River Channel Assessments. In such assessments, we are often seeking to understand the river’s depth, shape, and the characteristics of the riverbed, including the presence of any potential obstructions or hazardous materials.

Our sonar drones can determine the characteristics of the riverbed, whether it’s soft mud, hard rock, or littered with larger objects or debris. The gathered data can then be processed and used to create detailed maps or models of the site and river channel. These visual representations provide crucial information about the river’s conditions, including potential erosion areas, sedimentation zones, areas of ecological interest, and zones of potential flood risk.

drone sonar river assessment

Drone Sonar Survey Service UK Wide

Types Of Drone Sonar Survey Methods

Untitled 470 × 270 px 7 1

Single-Beam Echosounder Surveys

Untitled 470 × 270 px 8 1

Side Scan Sonar Surveys

Untitled 470 × 270 px 9 1

Multibeam Sonar Surveys

Bathymetric Survey Techniques

Shaping the Future of Underwater Mapping

Aerial Sonar Debris and Object Detection

Our drone sonar survey service is a game-changer for debris and object detection in various water bodies. Equipped with high-resolution sonar technology, our drones emit sound waves that penetrate the water, bouncing off any object they encounter, be it natural or man-made. The time taken for the sound waves to return enables us to calculate the distance and size of the object, while the strength of the returning signal provides insights into its composition.

This technology allows us to accurately map the presence of underwater debris, discarded objects, potential hazards, and submerged infrastructures. By providing a detailed and comprehensive overview of the underwater environment, our drone sonar survey service aids in mitigating risks, planning clean-up operations, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of navigation and underwater activities.

Pioneering Precision: Drone Sonar Surveys

Aerial UAV Sonar For Sediment Mapping

At Drone Survey Services, we utilise drones equipped with tethered sonar systems to revolutionise sediment mapping. These drones carry sonar devices that emit sound waves towards the seafloor. The time it takes for these sound waves to bounce back to the sonar device provides us with crucial data about the depth and contours of the seafloor.

Not only this, but the strength and quality of the returned signal give insights into the composition of the seafloor, enabling us to identify different types of sediment such as sand, silt, clay, or gravel.

To further enhance the precision of our sediment maps, we can combine the sonar data with sediment samples and core samples taken from the seabed. This integration of data allows for the creation of comprehensive maps that detail the sediment composition and distribution across the seafloor.

precise coastal surveying with drones

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