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We are the UK’s leading provider of drone roof surveys for both commercial and residential properties. Our heavy lift commercial drones capture detailed useable datasets.

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Your trusted partner for precise, state-of-the-art drone-based roof surveys, a critical aspect in maintaining the structural robustness, longevity, and value of properties across the UK.

Our brand embodies the remarkable impact of technological advancement in conducting roof surveys, significantly decreasing inspection time while delivering unmatched accuracy.

From towering residential buildings to expansive commercial properties, our drone roof survey solutions are customised to meet the distinct needs of each client. Rely on us to revolutionise the way your property roofs are evaluated and preserved.


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Redefining Roof Inspections

What Is A Drone Roof Survey?

A drone roof survey is a process in which an experienced and qualified operator flies an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) around a roof to capture high-quality video and photos, which can then be assessed to identify any damage or areas of concern. 

This method is becoming increasingly popular among surveyors as it offers a quick, easy, and safe way to inspect roofs.

Drone roof surveys have several advantages over traditional roof inspections. They do not require the erection of ladders, scaffolding, equipment or viewing platforms, and they do not need any extra manpower, making the process faster and more efficient.

Drone roof surveys can be used for various purposes, such as assessing the condition of a roof, identifying defects, and taking measurements for repair or replacement projects. The data collected during the survey can be transmitted to the inspection team on the ground or through the cloud, enabling faster analysis and detailed report generation

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Precision Roof Assessments, One Drone Flight at a Time

Drone Roof Surveys Of Facades, Roof & Exteriors

When it comes to assessing the condition of roofs on tenement buildings or other high-rise structures, traditional methods often fall short.

These types of buildings usually have limited access to the roof, making it difficult and hazardous for inspectors to carry out a thorough examination. Traditional inspections would require the use of scaffolding or cherry pickers, which not only incurs significant costs but also necessitates obtaining permits from local councils in the UK.

Our drone roof survey can bypass these challenges entirely, reaching towering heights with ease, and offering a safe, cost-effective alternative to conventional methods. A drone can ascend directly, without the need for any infrastructure or permits, capturing high-quality images of the roof within minutes.

With our drone roof survey service, you can forget about the hassles and delays of scaffolding or cherry picker arrangements. We ensure that even the most inaccessible roofs can be inspected efficiently and effectively.

Drone enabled building inspection

Expert Drone Roof Surveys

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Safety and Access

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Efficiency and Speed

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Precision and Detail

Elevate Your Roof Inspections with Our Drone Services

Drones Make Spotting Missing Roof Tiles Made Easy

Utilising our drone roof survey means never missing a beat when it comes to the condition of your roof. Our high-resolution drone imagery is tailored to detect missing or damaged roof tiles, issues that often go unnoticed during traditional, manual inspections.

We provide you with clear, hyper-high-definition images, which make even the smallest abnormalities stand out. Missing slates and cracks that would be challenging to spot from ground level are easily visible in the detailed photographs our drones capture.

We don’t just offer images, we deliver smart solutions. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, we automatically process these high-resolution images to pinpoint not only missing slates, but also cracks and other potential issues with tiles. The AI can quickly analyse vast amounts of data, identifying patterns and irregularities that might escape the human eye.

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Drone Roof Inspection Blocked Guttering

Seeing the Unseen: Expert Drone Roof Surveys

Drone Roof Inspection Blocked Guttering

Guttering systems are crucial to any building’s health, responsible for effectively directing water away from the structure. Over time, various faults can occur in gutters that, if left unattended, can lead to substantial damage. Traditional inspections involve climbing ladders or setting up scaffolding, posing safety risks and consuming significant time. However, our drone roof surveys offer an innovative, safer, and faster solution to this problem.

One of the most common faults in guttering systems is blockage due to leaves, twigs, or other debris. These blockages can prevent water from flowing freely, leading to overflow and potential damage to the building’s exterior. Our drones can easily detect such blockages, providing clear images that allow for targeted cleaning.

Over time, gutters can develop cracks or holes that may lead to leaks. This not only reduces the guttering system’s efficiency but also can result in water damage to the property. Our drone roof surveys, with their high-resolution cameras, can identify these faults even from a distance.

An improperly pitched gutter fails to direct water towards the downspouts, leading to pooling and potential seepage into the building. Drones roof surveys can help identify such issues by providing a bird’s eye view of the gutter’s slope and detecting areas where water may accumulate.

Drone Inspections: The Future of Roof Surveys

Our Drone Roof Surveys

Structural Damage Identification

High-Definition Images

Orthomosaic Roof Maps

Orthomosaic Roof Maps

Photogrammetry Roof Models

Photogrammetry Roof Models

Revolutionising Roof Analysis with Drone Technology

Drone Roof Inspections Are Safeguarding Structural Integrity

Ensuring the structural integrity of your roof has never been easier with our advanced drone roof survey service.

Our drones are equipped to capture high-definition images of the entire roof structure, facilitating comprehensive inspections and early identification of potential structural issues such as sagging, roof deflection, and other concerns.

But our service does more than just capture images. Through the use of advanced photogrammetry, we can transform these high-resolution aerial images into an accurate 3D model of your roof.

This is not just a mere representation of your roof, but a precise, scalable model that provides invaluable information about its structure and condition.

These 3D models enable inspectors, architects, and property owners to examine the roof from any angle, ensuring a full, 360-degree understanding of its structural integrity. This significantly enhances the assessment process, providing a deeper understanding of any potential issues and allowing for the formulation of more effective, targeted repair or maintenance plans.

Drone Roof Inspections Are Safeguarding Structural Integrity
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High-Fidelity Roof Inspections from Above

Thermal Imaging Drone Roof Heat Loss Surveys

Our sophisticated thermal imaging systems capture variances in roof temperature. Areas affected by moisture or damage usually have a different temperature from the rest of the roof due to their altered thermal properties.

Such anomalies are captured and highlighted by our drones, allowing inspectors to locate possible leaks with remarkable accuracy.

Insulation damage – a common consequence of prolonged leaking – can also significantly alter roof temperatures and be easily identified using our drone-based thermal imaging. This gives you the advantage of not only finding leaks but also understanding their impact on your roof’s insulation.

Detect Roof Damage Early with Drones

Drone Roof Moss Overgrowth Detection

One of the hidden threats to roof longevity is moss overgrowth. Over time, moss can damage roofing materials, causing them to degrade more quickly. However, spotting moss overgrowth from ground level can be challenging and is often missed during traditional inspections

The detailed images captured by our drones ensure even the earliest stages of moss growth are clearly visible, enabling timely intervention before significant damage can occur.

Utilising our drone roof inspection service means securing the health and lifespan of your roofing materials. Our technology ensures moss overgrowth is quickly detected and dealt with, protecting your roof and saving you from potentially costly repairs in the future. Trust us to keep your roof moss-free and in prime condition.

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Advanced Drones, Detailed Roof Analysis

Drone Roof Inspection For Precision Roof Measurements

Estimating materials and labor costs for roof repairs or installations requires precise measurements. Traditionally, this was a manual task that not only consumed time but also posed a risk of errors and safety concerns.

Our drone roof survey solutions are equipped to take accurate measurements of a roof, thereby streamlining the estimation process. The high-resolution images captured by our drones provide a detailed representation of the roof, which can be used to calculate the area, slope, and other aspects critical to planning repair or installation work.

What sets our drone roof survey solutions apart is the use of advanced RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology. By using an RTK-enabled drone and a base station, we can geo-tag the images with millimetre precision. This technology drastically enhances the accuracy of our measurements, ensuring precise estimations of material and labor costs.

Superior Roof Inspection, Superior Peace of Mind

Aerial Roof Water Leak Detection

As the day progresses, solar heating warms up both the roof surface and any trapped moisture under the roofing membrane. However, when the sun sets and the roof surface begins to cool, there’s a noticeable temperature difference: the dry roof insulation cools down faster than the wet roof insulation.

This is where our drone roof inspection comes into play. We equip our drones with advanced infrared cameras, which are capable of detecting these temperature differences. Wet areas, due to their higher thermal retention, appear differently on thermal imaging and thus can be easily identified. This makes our drone service a crucial tool for spotting leaks and moisture-related structural issues on roofing.

The thermal images captured by our drones are then meticulously analysed to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. This targeted approach not only facilitates precise repairs and maintenance but also prevents potential spread of damage, safeguarding the integrity and longevity of your roof.

Aerial Roof Water Leak Detection

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drone chimney inspection

Transforming Roof Surveys with Drone Technology

Drone Roof Chimney Inspection

Over time, chimneys can develop structural issues, including cracks, loose bricks, or deteriorating mortar. These issues may not only affect the chimney’s function but can also lead to severe damage if left unaddressed. Our drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras, can provide detailed images of your chimney, detecting even minor structural issues.

Blockages in the chimney due to bird nests, leaves, or other debris can prevent smoke from properly venting out. Similarly, an excessive buildup of creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, can pose a fire risk. Our drone roof inspections can identify such blockages or buildup, enabling timely cleaning and maintenance.

The chimney cap and flashing are crucial for preventing water intrusion, which can lead to internal damage. Damage to these components or improper installation can cause leaks and subsequent water damage. With our drone chimney inspections, such faults can be detected easily, providing an overall assessment of your chimney’s health.

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