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Hydrographical and bathymetric survey services combine cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and a deep commitment to quality, delivering exceptional underwater survey solutions for our clients.

Our comprehensive hydrographical and bathymetric survey services cater to a diverse range of projects, from water treatment plants and reservoirs to harbours and riverbeds.
We provide accurate, efficient, and reliable results that set us apart from the competition.

An unwavering dedication to client satisfaction has earned us a reputation as the UK’s foremost hydrographical and bathymetric surveying company, with a growing portfolio of satisfied clients and successful projects.

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What Are Bathymetric Surveys?

Bathymetric surveys are specialised hydrographic surveys that capture underwater topography data. Surveyors use advanced sonar technology, including multi-beam and single-beam echo sounders, to measure depths and create detailed maps of the seafloor.

Our expertise in marine geophysics geological survey, and data processing allows us to generate accurate nautical charts and 3D digital terrain model of underwater features and other underwater terrain itself.

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Tailored Bathymetric Survey Solutions

Flood Management and Prevention

Accurate bathymetric data over large areas is crucial for a wide range of applications, particularly in understanding and managing flood risks. High-quality bathymetric information plays a significant role in flood risk assessments, floodplain mapping, flood inundation, and mitigation measures.

It provides valuable insights that enable government agencies and private organisations to develop effective strategies to protect coastal communities and infrastructure.

Bathymetric Survey 3D Modeling

Innovative Bathymetric Survey Methods

Sonar Technology for Precise
Hydrographic Measurements

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Multibeam Echosounder

Untitled 470 × 270 px 8 1

Single-beam Echosounder

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Sub-bottom Profiler

Depth Measurement Bathymetric Survey

Marine Exploration Bathymetric Survey

Dock and Harbour Engineering

Bathymetric surveys are an essential tool in Dock and Harbour Engineering, providing critical data for designing and maintaining these structures. By accurately mapping the seabed topography and water depths, bathymetric surveys ensure safe navigation and efficient cargo handling. This information is also essential for the design of berthing facilities, including the placement of docks, piers, and mooring buoys.

Bathymetric surveys are also used for the maintenance of harbour infrastructure, such as breakwaters and jetties. By identifying changes in seabed topography and water depths, these surveys can help detect erosion, sedimentation, and other changes that may impact the stability of these structures. This information is crucial for planning and implementing maintenance activities, such as dredging and repairs.

Unlocking the Potential of Bathymetric Data

Data Analysis and Processing
with GIS Technology

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Water Column Data Analysis

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Geodetic Control and Sound Velocity Profiles

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Marine Geophysical Investigations

Subsea Environment Bathymetric Survey

Hydrographic River Maintenance

Our river bathymetric surveys are a valuable tool in supporting river maintenance projects by providing critical information on the river’s bed topography and identifying areas of erosion, sedimentation, and channel migration. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to obtain detailed and accurate data on riverbed depths, contours, and features, allowing us to create highly precise maps of river channels and their surrounding environments.

With this information, we can provide crucial insights into the condition of river systems and help identify areas of concern that require attention. Identifying areas where erosion is occurring or where sediment is accumulating, which can lead to channel migration, flooding, and other environmental hazards.

Our data can also be used to determine the best course of action for riverbank stabilization measures, including identifying areas where erosion control structures such as revetments, gabions, or riprap may be necessary.

Bathymetric Survey Services
Marine Exploration Bathymetric Survey

Bathymetric Survey Project Execution

Hydrographic Irrigation and Waterpower

We provide essential data for planning and designing of irrigation systems, hydropower plants, and water resource management projects. Our highly accurate and detailed data provides critical insights into the water depth, flow rates, sedimentation levels, and other critical factors that are essential for designing and implementing effective water management strategies.

For irrigation systems, our data can be used to determine the optimal locations for canals, channels, and other irrigation infrastructure, as well as for estimating water availability and demand. By identifying areas with suitable water resources, we can help ensure that water is used efficiently and that the system is designed to maximize productivity.

Bathymetric Survey Services

Bathymetric Surveys for Sewage Disposal Infrastructure

Designing and maintaining efficient sewage disposal systems is essential for public health, environmental protection, and compliance with regulations. Our bathymetric survey data plays a critical role in the planning, construction, and ongoing management of sewage disposal infrastructure, such as outfalls and treatment plants. Our comprehensive and accurate data ensures that wastewater is treated and dispersed effectively, minimising negative impacts on water quality and marine ecosystems.

Selecting the appropriate location and design for outfalls is crucial to ensure optimal dispersion of treated wastewater and to prevent adverse effects on water quality, marine habitats, and human health. A bathymetric survey provides detailed information on seafloor topography, sediment composition, and water depth, which is vital for determining the most suitable locations for outfall construction. By analysing this data, engineers can design outfalls that meet regulatory requirements and minimise potential environmental impacts.

Subsea Environment Bathymetric Survey
Tailored Bathymetric Survey Solutions

Bathymetric Survey 3D Modeling

Seabed Feature Identification & Sediment Thickness Estimation

Our sediment thickness estimation services utilise sub-bottom profiler data to estimate sediment thickness and stratification in various aquatic environments.

This information is vital for geological studies, infrastructure development, research, and environmental impact assessments. Accurate sediment thickness estimations support informed decision-making and effective project planning.

We specialise in seabed feature identification by interpreting maps of processed bathymetric data. Our team of experts can accurately identify features such as rocks, reefs, wrecks, and other underwater structures. This supports safe navigation and the planning of underwater construction projects, as well as various other applications.

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Underwater Mapping Bathymetric Survey

Underwater Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Our bathymetric services play a vital role in the discovery and documentation of underwater archaeological sites and culturally significant features.

Drone survey services high-resolution surveys can detect shipwrecks, submerged structures, and ancient artifacts, contributing to our understanding of maritime history and cultural heritage preservation.

Innovative Bathymetric Survey Methods
Comprehensive Bathymetric Survey Reports

Depth Measurement Bathymetric Survey

Environmental Assessments and Monitoring

Hydrographic survey data plays a crucial role in conducting comprehensive environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and long-term monitoring of aquatic ecosystems. Our detailed and accurate data allows organizations and regulatory bodies to evaluate the potential impacts of various human activities on marine environments, including dredging, construction, and pollution.

By carefully examining the bathymetric data, we can assess the potential consequences of these activities on vulnerable marine habitats and species, such as changes in water quality, sedimentation patterns, and alterations to underwater habitats. This information enables stakeholders to make informed decisions about proposed projects and their potential environmental effects. 

Bathymetric Survey Techniques

Coastal Zone Management

Habitat assessments are another important application of bathymetric surveys in Coastal Zone Management. By providing detailed information on the seafloor features and substrate, bathymetric data can help identify critical habitats for marine life and inform conservation efforts. This information is particularly important for the management of sensitive areas such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests.

The accurate data provided by bathymetric surveys also supports decision-making for land use planning and management. This information helps coastal planners to identify suitable areas for development, taking into account the potential impacts of sea level rise and other climate change-related factors. It can also be used to assess the potential impacts of development projects on coastal ecosystems and identify mitigation measures to minimise these impacts.

Precise Depth Mapping Bathymetric Survey

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