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We specialise in revolutionising UK’s drone oil and gas inspections, transcending geographical boundaries from our base in North East Scotland. Our expert team harnesses advanced drone technology and underwater ROVs, providing offshore oil and gas companies data collection globally.

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Your trusted partner for expert, dependable drone based inspections in the oil and gas sector, an essential component to the industry’s safety, sustainability, and profitability across the globe.

Our brand represents the remarkable impact of innovation in conducting offshore oil and gas inspections, drastically cutting downtime while delivering unmatched precision.

From pipeline surveillance to comprehensive offshore platform assessments, our oil and gas industry drone based solutions are customised to cater to the specific demands of every client.


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What Is A Drone Oil And Gas Inspection?

Drone oil and gas inspection is a method of inspecting oil and gas assets using drones. It is a safer and faster way to access areas of oil and gas constructions that may pose health, safety, and environmental risks. Drones can collect higher quality, more consistent, and faster data collection than traditional inspection methods

Capitalising on the strength of drone inspections, we deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency to the oil and gas industry. Equipped with advanced sensors and high-resolution cameras, our drones venture into areas of oil and gas infrastructure that were previously difficult or dangerous to reach.

This allows us to rapidly gather comprehensive, high-quality data, minimising downtime and reducing the risk to personnel.

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Drone Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

Advanced UAV Technology For Oil & Gas Drone Inspection

We leverage cutting-edge drone technology to conduct meticulous inspections of offshore oil rigs. Utilising advanced sensors and high-resolution cameras, our drones perform up-close examinations of oil tanks for potential defects or abnormalities, effectively detecting gas leaks, oil spills, and their extent.

The adaptability of our drones allows us to outfit them with an array of sensors, encompassing visual (RGB), infrared (IR), and lidar capabilities. This versatility enhances the breadth and depth of data collection, enabling us to capture precise and comprehensive information about your oil and gas assets.

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Leak Detection in Oil and Gas with Drones

Our Process of Using Drones to
Inspect Offshore Assets

Mitigating Risks in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Preparation and Planning

Drones in Oil and Gas Emission Monitoring

Deployment and Data Collection

Leveraging Drones for Accurate and Rapid Offshore Platform Inspections

Analysis and Reporting

Role of Drones in Oil and Gas Inspections

Oil & Gas Aerial Inspections With A Range of Sensors

In our commitment to providing unparalleled inspections of offshore oil and gas assets, we utilise a variety of cutting-edge sensors aboard our drones. Visual (RGB) cameras capture high-resolution imagery and video, enabling a thorough visual inspection of infrastructure.

Infrared (IR) cameras excel in detecting and quantifying methane and other invisible gas leaks, aiding oil and gas companies in leak prevention and emission reduction. Thermal imaging devices identify temperature disparities on the surface of assets, critical in spotting potential leaks, corrosion, or structural defects.

Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors produce detailed 3D models of your assets, offering insights into their structural integrity and overall condition. Together, these sensors enable our drones to gather comprehensive data, enhancing the precision and efficiency of offshore oil and gas inspections.

Revolutionizing Leak Detection in Oil and Gas with Drones

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of a Offshore Oil & Gas Drone Inspections

Advancing Flare Stack Inspection Efficiency with Drone Technology

Enhanced Offshore Safety Through Remote Inspection

Innovative Approach to Bridge Corrosion Assessment

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Leading the Charge in Offshore Oil Rig Safety Inspections

Uninterrupted Monitoring and Precision

A Modern Solution to Traditional Oil and Gas Challenges

Maximising Data Accuracy in Oil and Gas Inspections with Drones

Eliminating Rope Access for Safer Inspections

A defining advantage of our drone inspections lies in their ability to eradicate the need for rope access. By using drones, we can safely and efficiently inspect areas that pose significant challenges or dangers with traditional methods.

This transformational approach proves invaluable for energy companies requiring quick, yet comprehensive offshore pipeline inspections.

Our drones are capable of capturing data that may be arduous or unattainable via conventional methods, thereby enhancing the depth and reliability of our asset inspections.

Game-changer for Gas Sector Emission Control

Accurate Emission Measurements for Sustainable Operations

Our drone technology plays a pivotal role in measuring emission levels for oil and gas operations. Equipped with infrared cameras and advanced sensors, our drones are capable of detecting and quantifying methane and other gas emissions, many of which are invisible to the naked eye.

This ability aids Oil and Gas companies in promptly identifying leaks, preventing costly spills, and effectively reducing emissions, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Harnessing the power of drone technology, we deliver a comprehensive solution for emission checks, reinforcing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of modern oil and gas operations.

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Transforming Oil and Gas Industry with Unmanned Aerial Inspection

Advanced Drone Offshore Flare Stack Inspection

Leveraging the power of our offshore drone technology, we conduct thorough regular inspections of active flare stacks and storage tanks on offshore platforms. Our drones can safely and swiftly navigate around these vital structures, delivering detailed inspection reports that can help preemptively identify potential issues.

Flare tips are integral to the efficient and safe operation of any offshore oil and gas facility. They assist in the secure burning of gases, contributing to environmental safety and operational efficiency.

We conduct meticulous visual inspections of flare tips, radiation shields, and other essential components using our sophisticated offshore drones.

This approach enables us to detect any emerging issues early on, preventing them from escalating into more significant operational challenges.

Maximizing Data Accuracy in Oil and Gas Inspections with Drones
How Drones are Simplifying Maintenance in Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Drones are Simplifying Maintenance in Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Revolutionising Bridge Corrosion Inspection

Our high-tech drone approach to offshore oil rig bridge inspections actively addresses the harsh marine conditions these structures face. Exposure to salt, sand, and water triggers various corrosion types:

Uniform Corrosion: Where the metal surface undergoes even degradation due to environmental factors.
Galvanic Corrosion: An electrochemical process occurring when two dissimilar metals are in contact in a common electrolyte like seawater.
Crevice Corrosion: Resulting from stagnant chloride-rich solutions trapped between metallic surfaces, like threaded pipes linked together.
Pitting Corrosion: A localized type of corrosion causing the formation of small pits or holes on the metal surface, generally initiated by exposure to chloride ions in seawater.

Our drones, equipped with advanced camera systems and sensors, provide a comprehensive inspection, capturing detailed visual and infrared data that allows us to identify and monitor these corrosion types from their early stages. This proactivity in corrosion management ensures safety and enhances the longevity of your offshore bridges.

Emerging Role of Drones in Oil and Gas Companies

Role of Drones in Preventing Offshore Pipeline Damage

Offshore gas pipelines are susceptible to a range of complex challenges such as corrosion, seafloor instabilities, damage from fishing activities, and natural weather phenomena. We recognise these problems and bring a solution that is not only efficient but also cost-effective and precise asset management systems.

Our drones, equipped with advanced imaging and sensor technologies, are deployed to perform meticulous inspections of these gas pipelines. They can identify early signs of corrosion, monitor changes in the seafloor that could lead to instability, and detect any immediate physical damages that could potentially lead to serious issues if left unaddressed.

Role of Drones in Oil and Gas Inspections

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