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We are the UK’s foremost authority in commercial-grade drone gas detection services. We provide a diverse range of gas detection solutions, such as drone-based emissions tracking, real-time gas surveillance, ecological gas surveys, and beyond.

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UK’s Leading Drone-Based Methane Emissions Detection Service

We provide a comprehensive range of drone gas detection services UK wide using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our skilled team of environmental specialists conduct aerial gas surveillance, allowing for remote and accurate gas detection.

By employing drones equipped with gas sensors, we are able to remotely monitor and analyse air quality, detect gas leaks, track emissions, and perform environmental gas sensing. Our drone-assisted gas detection enables us to collect real-time data and conduct gas analytics to provide you with valuable insights.


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Accurate Aerial Air quality monitoring

What Is Drone Methane Emissions Detection?

Drone methane gas detection refers to the use of drones to detect methane gas in the atmosphere. This is accomplished by equipping drones with specialised sensors that can detect the presence and concentration of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

These drones can access remote or dangerous areas without putting human lives at risk, making them particularly effective for monitoring large areas, such as pipelines, landfills, agricultural sites, and other industrial settings.

Our drone-assisted gas detection service allows for rapid detection of leaks or emissions, which is essential for mitigating environmental impact and ensuring safety. It also enables a more efficient and cost-effective process compared to traditional ground-based detection methods.

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Drone Emissions Measurement Service

UK Wide Drone Methane Gas Measuring Service

We offer specialised drone methane gas measuring service UK Wide. Designed to accurately detect and quantify methane emissions in various environments. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, significantly more impactful on climate change than carbon dioxide. Over a 100-year period, the global warming potential of methane is 28-34 times that of CO2. When measured over a shorter 20-year period, that ratio increases dramatically to 84-86 times.

Utilising our advanced technologies such as Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), our drones provide precise measurements of methane levels. This capability allows for real-time monitoring and rapid response to leaks, essential for both environmental protection and industrial efficiency.

Methane Leak Detection by Drone

Making Air Pollution Visible

Gas Detection Capabilities of Our Drones

Drone Emissions Monitoring in the UK

Methane (CH4)

Reliable Methane Detection Services Utilizing Drones in the UK

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

UK Drone Solutions for Accurate Emissions Tracking

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Maximising Accuracy with Drone Mapping

Airborne Gas Monitoring to Meet the Paris Agreement

We’re leveraging drones to pioneer a new era in airborne gas monitoring, directly contributing to the goals of the Paris Agreement. This international treaty aims to limit global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and our aerial gas detection and emissions tracking services play a crucial role in this endeavour.

Our drone-enabled gas monitoring and analysis service not only helps track current emission levels but also enables us to predict and mitigate future emissions effectively. By offering these services, Leslie Drones is actively contributing to global efforts to combat climate change, supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement and helping to safeguard our planet for future generations

Methane Detection Services Using Drones

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of Using Drones
in Emissions Detection

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Improved Safety Compared To Traditional Means

Enhance Environmental Compliance with Drone Emissions Detection in the UK

Increased Efficiency and Speed

Methane Monitoring

Save Costs With Drone Emission Surveys

UK Drone Emissions Monitoring Solution

Air Quality Monitoring

Meeting Regulatory Guidelines for Gas Emissions

Chemical facilities present challenges for traditional gas leak detection due to their complex infrastructure, but our advanced UAV gas monitoring system offers a comprehensive solution. 

Regulatory bodies impose strict guidelines on gas emissions, aiming to protect the environment and maintain air quality standards. Our drones equipped with specialised sensors can swiftly and accurately identify and track gas leaks or emissions throughout the facility. The real-time monitoring, quick detection, and accurate tracking of gas emissions provided by our technology help to maintain a safe and environmentally responsible operation, avoiding penalties and reputational damage associated with non-compliance.

Atmospheric Gas Monitoring

Comprehensive Methane Emission Analysis

The complex nature of gas terminals and processing plants necessitates a thorough understanding of the emissions released during their operations. Our unmanned aircraft can capture and analyse gas emissions in real-time, offering valuable insights into the type, quantity, and dispersion of gases being released.

The drones collect data on gas emissions and transmit it in real-time to a central monitoring system. This data is then analysed and interpreted, providing facility operators with valuable insights into the performance of their gas terminals and processing plants.

This information allows for proactive decision-making, enabling prompt actions to mitigate any potential risks, prevent gas leaks, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

High Resolution Drone Emissions Detection in the UK
Cutting Edge Drone Technology for Emissions Detection in the UK

Real-time Gas Surveillance

Helping Achieve UK Climate Goals

The UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) plays a crucial role in advising the government on emissions targets and monitoring progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their guidance ensures that emissions tracking is integrated into the overall strategy of achieving emission reduction goals and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Our remote gas detection with drones significantly contribute to this process by providing detailed and precise data on emissions sources, land use patterns, and infrastructure, empowering policymakers, businesses, and researchers to make data-driven decisions and implement effective strategies for emission reduction.

By leveraging the insights gained from emissions tracking, stakeholders can take targeted actions, foster innovation, and collaborate towards a sustainable and resilient future.

Drone Technology for Accurate Biomass Estimation

Dedicated to ISO 14064: Ensuring Precise GHG Monitoring

At our core, we are dedicated to upholding the standards set by ISO 14064, an internationally recognized benchmark for accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring.

Our commitment revolves around achieving precise quantification, transparent reporting, and rigorous verification of emissions and removals. By adhering to ISO 14064, we provide trustworthy and dependable data, empowering businesses to plan their operations, track emission reduction efforts, and contribute to global sustainability goals.

With our unwavering focus on data integrity and strict adherence to ISO 14064, we stand as the trusted partner for companies in need of comprehensive and credible GHG monitoring solutions. You can rely on us to safeguard your data and collaborate with you to successfully achieve your environmental objectives.

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Drone Emissions Tracking Service UK

Environmental Risk Management

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Underground Gas Storage Facilities

Drone Technology for Emissions

Landfill Sites Drone-based Gas Emission Tracking

Methane Detection Services

Biofuel Generation Facilities

Maximising Accuracy with Drone Mapping

Helping Anaerobic Digestion Generation Plants

Anaerobic digestion generation plants are facilities where organic materials, often waste from farms or food production processes, are broken down by microorganisms in the absence of oxygen. This process results in the production of a biogas that is primarily composed of methane and carbon dioxide. This biogas can be used as a source of renewable energy.

Biogas is combustible, and methane is a potent greenhouse gas. It’s important to detect and control leaks to prevent accidents and minimize environmental impact. By using drone monitoring the types and quantities of gases produced, these plants can also gain valuable insights into the efficiency of their anaerobic digestion processes. For example, a lower-than-expected methane yield might indicate that there’s room for process optimization.

Advanced Drone Solutions for Emissions Detection in the UK
Sustainable Methane Detection Services with Drones in the UK

Air Quality Monitoring

Drone-Based Methane Detection: Utilising Parts Per Million

Parts per million” (ppm) is a commonly used unit of measure to indicate the concentration of a substance in another substance. In the context of gas emissions, like methane from an anaerobic digestion generation plant, 1 ppm signifies that for every million units of air, there is one unit of methane.

Our drone-based gas detection service utilises advanced sensors to measure this concentration accurately. Our drones, armed with infrared sensors, can fly over facilities across the UK, shining an infrared light through the air. Methane absorbs this infrared light at a specific wavelength, and by measuring the extent of this absorption, we can accurately quantify the methane concentration in the air.

The results are reported in ppm, providing a straightforward, universally recognised metric that helps plant managers to ensure safety, control emissions, and comply with environmental regulations. This innovative, UK-wide service allows for regular monitoring of methane emissions to ensure optimal plant operation and environmental compliance

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