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Drone Solar Panel Inspection

Skykam leads the UK in solar farm inspections, providing comprehensive, data-driven analytics to optimize your solar investments. By deploying drones equipped with survey grade thermal imaging, we pinpoint defects and assess operational performance, delivering insights that streamline maintenance and boost returns.

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Drone solar panel inspection services that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in the renewable energy sector. We provide professional and reliable drone inspection services across the UK.

Our team of licensed operators strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure safe and compliant operations.

Our drone solar panel inspection services are meticulously designed to save operators valuable time and money, while also improving the performance and longevity of their solar farms. Our drone-based solutions for photovoltaic (PV) panel inspections, thermal mapping, performance reporting, and defect detection offer unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.


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Solar Farm Site Drone Surveys

What Is Drone Solar Panel Inspection?

A drone solar panel survey is a technologically advanced method of inspecting and maintaining solar panel systems. This process involves the use of drones equipped with high-powered optical and thermal imaging cameras. These cameras can identify temperature differences and detect malfunctions or abnormal conditions in the solar modules, essential for maintaining their optimal performance, as they can be sensitive to factors like dust and dirt.

Drone surveys not only expedite the site selection and planning process for utility and residential solar projects but also standardise deliverables for ground surveys or roof panel inspections. The precision of drone-enabled thermal mapping can spot cell defects, yielding essential information for solar farm inspections. Thus, drone solar panel surveys are a game-changer for the efficient inspection and management of solar assets.

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Pioneering Solar Panel Defect Detection with Thermal Imaging Drones

We elevate solar panel inspections to the next level by utilising drones armed with sophisticated thermal imaging cameras. These devices are capable of pinpointing malfunctions and abnormalities within the solar modules by detecting subtle temperature variances.

Such anomalies often indicate defective cells, issues with electrical connections, or internal physical damage that can lead to unnecessary heat generation within the panels. Our thermal imaging technology provides an accurate early warning system, enabling us to identify potential problems and facilitate their repair before they escalate into costly failures.

As we maintain a steadfast commitment to efficiency and safety, these inspections are performed under normal operational conditions without requiring a system shutdown. Ensuring every solar panel is functioning optimally and contributing to your renewable energy objectives.

Solar Panel Defect Detection with Thermal Imaging Drones

Automated. Targeted. Precise.

Enhancing UK’s Solar Farms Through Advanced Drone Technology

drone solar panel survey service uk

Our Pre-Survey Preparations for Solar Farms

drone solar panel survey service uk

Techniques and Tools for Drone-Based Solar Farm Surveys

drone solar panel survey service uk

Our Progress Monitoring and Survey Efficiency

Maximising Solar Efficiency with Drone Inspections

Keep Your Solar Farm In Top Condition

Drone Survey Services champions the prevention of solar panel and solar farm issues before they escalate into expensive, complex repairs.

Our sophisticated drone-based solar panel inspections illuminate a range of potential problems, from cell defects and failures to the accumulation of dirt on photovoltaic cells, interconnection failures, and solar cell degradation.

By identifying these challenges early on, we pave the way for timely rectification, safeguarding operational efficiency and mitigating costly disruptions. Trust in our preventive approach to solar maintenance and experience the transformative impact of optimised solar energy productivity with Drone Survey Services.

Solar Farm In Top Condition

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Benefits of Using Drones For Solar Panel Inspections

drone solar panel survey service uk

Rapid and Accurate Solar Farm Aerial Surveys

drone solar panel survey service uk

Data Acquisition and Preventive Maintenance

drone solar panel survey service uk

Efficiency in Panel Positioning and Surveying

Proactive Solar Panel Hotspot Detection

Drone Solar Panel Hotspot Detection

Proactive Solar Panel Hotspot Detection

We understand that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to maintaining solar panels.

Hotspots, or areas that are significantly hotter than their surroundings, can signal potential issues such as panel defects, dirt accumulation, or shading from nearby objects.

Our cutting-edge thermal imaging technology is designed to swiftly identify these hotspots, enabling us to address and repair them before they escalate into significant damage. Trust in our proactive approach for maintaining the health of your solar panels and ensuring their optimal performance with Drone Survey Services.

Increase Solar Data For Decisions

Superior Data Than Traditional Inspections

Solar panel inspection with a drone is a more efficient way to conduct a visual inspection of solar panels. Compared to ground-based inspections, drones can provide a higher-resolution view of the solar panels and their surroundings.

This allows for a more comprehensive inspection and can help identify any potential problems with the solar panels or the surrounding area.

Solar panel inspection with a drone
Geo-Tagged Data Of Solar Panel Farms

Optimise Your Farms Chemicals Use

Geo-Tagged Data Of Solar Panel Farms

By geo tagging images of your solar farm, we unlock numerous benefits that go beyond traditional inspections.

One key advantage is the ability to easily localize faulty modules within large solar farms. Our drones capture precise geo-tagged images, enabling you to identify specific solar panels that require replacement while still under warranty. This proactive approach maximizes the output and efficiency of your solar farm while minimizing maintenance costs.

Our geo-tagging capabilities allow us to relate thermal images to the equipment in your solar farm. By correlating thermal data with precise locations, we can quickly and accurately identify defects and other issues affecting your solar panels. This crucial information empowers you to take immediate action and ensure the optimal performance of your solar farm.

Our drone inspection software goes a step further by syncing timestamps with telemetry data. This integration provides you with accurate information about the exact location and timing of any issues detected.

Matching Your Needs

Detect Particles On Photovoltaic Cells

An efficient and cost-effective solution to address the common issue of dust build-up on solar panels. The accumulation of dust, soot, or other particulates on solar panels can lead to a significant drop in efficiency, reducing the output of photovoltaic panels by up to 30% in just one month. Cleaning the panels regularly is essential to maintain optimal performance, but it can be expensive and time-consuming.

With our innovative drone technology, we provide a streamlined approach to identifying areas of dust accumulation on your solar panels. Our specialised drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and precise navigation capabilities. They autonomously scan and analyse the extent of the dust build-up, enabling us to determine the areas that require attention.

Once the areas in need of cleaning have been identified we provide you with detailed information and recommendations based on our assessment. This empowers you to take the necessary actions to clean the panels effectively.

Detect Particles On Photovoltaic Cells

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